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Aproko Gist Vol 9, With Our Very Own Inspector Nifemi

No need to ask how body, our body dey kampe with confirm heavenly breeze. Una don hear? Hear wetin…Say Mango don come out and the skin color neva change because our Naija is about to experience lasting change. …If you believe say …Amen.

Trust me, I bring today volume ( 9) of Aproko gist live and direct. ..
My people, Una don miss gist bah? Make una no vex. .Dollar really affect Aproko gist….Wilheminna Moses, no just ask me how dollar take affect Aproko gist oooo..You understand me?

Still on the matter, How many of una don order for Queeneth London Mushroom. ..please order on time, Easter is near.

Every body eye just dey red, so tey…some Anonymous don come form Association on all blogs, dey look for opportunity to bring people down……as if their  life depends on hatred..Dem go dey pipu matter till the end of the year before dem realize say their bank account dry for the whole year. If you wan confirm wetin I dey yarn. ..call Queeneth London ask am the number of people wey order mushrooms the day bad belle people think say dem fit bring am down.

Mr Daniel, D man behind Queeneth London’s smile. .I greet you specially.

Everybody, dey holla Austin Austin. ..how u dey do am wey b say na only u dey crush all d blog gurls(Smh)….Truth be say, na all guys hold d code 4 hand, but some dey lack d swag to press button.Check this out….Only Austin get Edo name, Igbo name, Hausa name and Yoruba name…with different shades of Idumota suites. Lolz
Before and after dem interview some fyn fyn gurls….Austin don finish work. Check this out. ……

Hot seat chilling. ..
Interviewer : Welcome to hot seat Mondays. Can we meet you?
TILB : My name is Ogechi juliet
Interviewer : Who is your blog crush?
TILB : Hmmmm…Austin. ..I just love his way of life.
After bros Austin read interview, he go track bae down. .Below is guy man first paro….

Austin :Hello dear, you are very beautiful. ..I never knew you are from Imo until after the interview. Actually, am from Imo too..and my native name is Eberechukwu.I love your skin, you are such an Angel.
Ogechi juliet :Thanks
Austin :you welcome dear.As you can see, we are all family on lailasblog.
               My dear, am here 4 u anytime, anyday..You can reach me on this private line (07030040020) just for you alone. .so we can know ourselves berra.
Ogechi juliet :Awww, am loving u already. ..chop kisses.

Hot Seat chilling. …
Interviewer : Welcome to Hot Seat Mondays. Can we meet you?
TILB :My name is Tanimola Oluwatobi. ..
Interviewer : Who is your blog crush?
TILB :The guy all gurls admire on the blog
Interviewer :Really? Something like this has happening and am not aware. …so who is the lucky guy you crushing on?
TILB : Lolz. ..Austin Uche.

2nd paro
Austin :Wow, u are a very brilliant gurl my dear…I love your courage…your interview was the best ever.
TILB : Thanks Austin. .
Austin : you mean u are from Oyo?
TILB : O yeah. ..
Austin : Wow. .if I tell u something u will be shocked. ..I have a yoruba name too…Well, my grandparents gave me Akani. .because they once lived in for Ibadan for 35yesrs before relocating to Abuja. Am such a lucky guy to meet a damsel like you.You can always reach me on this private line (07030040020) just for you alone. .
TILB : Aww…thanks for making me special.

3rd paro
Austin :Intelligent interview damsel. .
Bonny:Thanks Austin
Austin :You mean u live in Abuja?
Bonny : O yeah. .
Austin : Am going to drop my private number(07030040020) with you, feel free to call me anytime. I would love to invite you to my church on Sunday. .please don’t say No…Did I tell you I have an Hausa name?
Bonny :Really?
Austin : My dad named me Buhari because of his love for Hausa people.
Bonny:Wow, that is lovely. .see you in church on Sunday.

4th paro
Austin :Hello dear, you must teach me how to cook indomie.Nice interview
Miz indomie say so :Thanks Austin
Austin: I’m very busy right now, I will message later tonight. But if you don’t mind, I will drop my private line..just 4 u alone (07030040020).
Before I forget,I will really appreciate. .if you call me by my Edo name.
Miz indomie say so :Wow, that is so sweet a name…Ok..no p
Enjoy. ..talk to you soon.

Austin Austin. ..Na only you waka come?
Well, if na wan confirm this Aproko gist, make una go read the post on Crystal. ..the hottest blog reader. The bae yarn plenty for the post wey she send oooo…For her mind, she think say she don shakara us… when anointed comments locate her sense of reasoning.She gentle kia kia..I just happy say Wilheminna Moses miss that post……Because the bae enter willy too.she say she no dey fear Wilheminna Moses.(willy, no say na me tell you ooo) your fans don reply her on your behalf. ….

Na only Austin comments cool…Austin be like, yes…they have all condemned you, come to me, I will put that lost smiles on your face again.
Flacko, how many months you wan take do Honeymoon, biko..come back ooo..the blog miss you.

Abeg, make una free Austin. ..Na him talent. .allow him to free style with it.Abi wen Breeze carry Barong nku, we arrest am…e jor oooo. .

One love Lailans. .
Still remain my humble self
Inspector Nifemi.

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