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Muhammadu Buhari needs to upgrade himself to the 4G president

Editor’s Note:  In a stirring defence of Nigeria and its people, our reader Abdulrofiu Muhammed Temitayo outlines why President Muhammadu Buhari needs to upgrade his presidency to ‘4G’ and get Nigeria back on track again.

The economy is dying:  Start using 4G Mr President!

By Abdulrofiu Muhammed Teimtayo

Peddling around the shores of economic crises that seemingly handcuffed the Nigerian economy, it becomes a cause for concern for all.

If you think it is not, then you are not a Nigerian living in Nigeria for no one could deny the trials and tribulations we face daily in making ends meet.

Today, in the endless search and hunt for a brighter and more glorified future, or at least a blooming light at the end of the hustling tunnel, all in the name of survival, many have encountered death, become agents of deviancy, and consequently victims of isolation.

Nigeria is a country with an abundance of resources, some of which can take a serious nation on a trajectory spin upwards and bring such a nation in line with other first world countries.

The discovery of crude oil in the country has been a case of a blessing and a curse simultaneously as the discovery turned our nation into a dependent nation, a country whom its prowess in agriculture cannot be overemphasized, now turned to such that may be forced to import farm produces because some of these farmlands have become just bushy areas where pests now reside.


President Buhari faces a difficult time at the helm of Nigeria

Of recent, thoughts have rigmaroled the lips of Nigerians about how the president will capsize on the situation surrounding the economic’s loopholes and probably turn things around for the better for hopeful Nigerians.

Many have even been forced to asked rhetorics like ‘Does he have any standard plan and approach to solving the crisis?’

Some criticisized him and said that he shouldn’t have been elected in the first place.  Some went on to say that he should resign.

I cannot blame them as the majority said so out of frustration, very many want to see the bright future now because they have expected with anxiety for long, they have kept nurtured the hope with plenty of their years, so they are tired of feeding a baby that refuses to grow, they are tired of investing their hope and water on a plant that refused to germinate.

They want instant change because they need it, anyone who has really experienced hardship will find it difficult to wait when the hope of better days starts knocking.


Countless Nigerians have cried out in demand of what they need, we have not asked for too much, we only need, power, roads, security, and food are not too much to ask, it is the least we could demand from a government which we theorized will show us the gate to heaven.

Only he couldn’t get there, we believe we will be close by the time the administration drops the mantle to governance.

Therefore, for a leader with such high and almost unbelievable expectation, time and speed is a considerable factor.  Buhari must act fast and smart, because his people are dying of a merited negative image of criminal stigma, diseases due to a epileptic health care system, fatal accidents caused by our countless dilapidated roads.

If I hadn’t memorized most of the campaign rodomontade of all other office holders, I am sure these were what Mr President divulged a focal point in order to woo us over, and as result we gave our mandate with pride, today we boldly request for our dividend of democracy without stuttering,a popular Yoruba proverb translated as ‘Even the Hen also sweat, but it feathers make us unaware.’

If one works hard, people hardly know, they only want to see that in the result. Like it is in subsequent poll.


Social commentator, Okunade Hakeem said “Buhari should start helping the situation before it goes worst. For the time being there is still time to make up than to be shifting blames,let us see what you can do,that is why we voted for you en-mases.”

Also, Moses Olalekan Paul, a computer expert said “The President should begin to used a 4G speed approach in solving Nigeria’s problems because the problems are killing us,  Nigeria has complicated issues on ground which need a more technical and advanced approach to crush all the hitches in our system away.”

Helping the matter is our main priority and high expectation from the presidency since the 2016’s budget has been passed by the legislature. All what we want is action, because action they say speaks louder than voice.

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