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Five amazing ways exercise can help you to succeed in your career or business

Five amazing ways exercise can help you to succeed in your career or business

In a busy life juggling home, work, family and friends, something has to give. And more often than not for stressed-out mums it’s exercise. But in fact, if there’s one thing that can help you cope better, and even be more successful in your career or business, it’s exercise.

If you think that exercise is just another box to tick on your busy weekly schedule – another ‘chore’ competing with housework, errands, work and chauffering children, then Sara Colombo suggests that you need to think again.

Because exercise isn’t just a luxury for those of us with time to sweat off the pounds and tone muscles – science shows that less than one hour a day of physical activity can improve your health, boost your mind and help you be more productive!

Indeed, people who exercise regularly develop brain skills, have a more positive outlook on life and are able to handle better the balance between business and family.

So, if feeling great and enjoying a rewarding career, being a fulfilled freelancer or running a happy business is your dream, make time to exercise!

How does exercise help you? 

Many people hit the gym to shed weight and lose that annoying muffin top, but quit in the blink of an eye because it’s too hard, or they’re too busy, or they don’t like the colour of the walls in the changing rooms (trust me, I’ve heard all sorts of excuses!).

And it’s shame because regular exercise doesn’t just help you to look and feel great, but it could be the key to living a healthier life and running a more productive business.

Really? How does exercise help you? In many ways – from feeling more confident and determined, to being more relaxed and positive. Exercise also helps develop brain skills like memory, and the ability to cope with stressful situations.

Five ways exercise can help you succeed

Need more convincing? Here are five ways in which working out is great for you and your career or business. 

1) Exercise helps to reduce stress

Passionate entrepreneurs and freelancers face an enormous amount of stress – from setting up a business, to create a new project, market one’s services, find clients, innovate, grow up and re-brand, etc.

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