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Hoverboard: An Efficient Means of Transportation


This may be the best news your inner child hears, well, ever: Yes, hoverboards are real, and yes, you may just get to ride one soon. In this day and age of modern technology and advancements, the process of transporting from one place to another has become immensely convenient, easy, and entertaining. Technological advancements such as hoverboards have become a fun alternative to the old method of walking. The reliance and dependency of common individuals on these technological advancements has certainly changed the way we go from place to place in our daily routine. Hoverboard is basically a “self-balancing scooter” and a form of two-wheel motorized gadget.

Working and Manufacturing

How these hoverboards work is fairly simple. Their stability is based on the principle of weight transfer. We can move forward on it by transferring weight in the forward direction, and brake or reverse by transferring weight in the backward direction but you must need to have speed under control. A couple pressure-sensitive footpads control the speed and movement of the hoverboard.

Because stepping on this board transfers some amount of weight in either forward or backward direction, the board starts to move which it makes the process of mounting and dismounting is a bit challenging and tricky. This makes the riders have a little difficulty to steady and balance the board, especially while they’re still in the midst of getting used to ride a hoverboard.

Balancing and steering the hoverboard stresses calf and foot muscles. Just like all the others motorized and non-motorized transporting gadgets, there is a presence of a fair share of risks involved, and there is a dire need of due safety measures that an individual must address before hopping on the hoverboard or any other scooters or boards.

Pros and Cons

The pros and cons associated with these technological advancements of hoverboard play a pivotal role in shaping and transforming our life and our daily routine. The benefits and pros of using modern technologies such as hoverboard overshadows the risks and disadvantages coupled with its usage.  But recently, the emergence of heat issues in these hoverboard has ringed the warning alarms and caution in the minds of hoverboard users. This ignited a spark of fear in the minds of the users and created an element of uncertainty.

The main reason for such issues, that quite often leads to minor accidents, is the usage of cheap batteries that are prone to leakage. Hoverboards are usually powered by large lithium ion batteries that can overheat or sometimes even explode under some conditions. But, most of these complaints and accidents are found in cheap and low-quality hoverboards that are available online.

The price of these hoverboards are usually under $300, but the presence of faulty batteries can cause the accidents probability increases immensely. There has been an active investigation going on, that the primary objective is to find which brands are prone to disasters and which brands are considerably safe. But despite all the risk and dangers involved, none can argue with the fact that these hoverboards are the modern mean of transportation which is efficient, enthralling, and convenient.

Cost Estimation and Specification

It’s probably best to buy hoverboards from leading manufacturers and brands, which eliminates the chances of heat issues and accidents to a great extent. The prices for scooters calling themselves hoverboards can start from as little as $300. Some of the infamous and widely popular big-name models include the likes of IO Hawk, Monorover, Phunkeeduck, Swagway, and Power Board. The price of these boards ranges from $400 to $1800, and the specifications and features vary with the price. Some special discount deals like black Friday also provide utilities to their customers.

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