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The Big Question: What Are You Using Your Data For?

By Abel Udoekene

The Proposed Data hike by the Nigerian communication commission (NCC) was not well received by most Nigerian, the Senate even pass a resolution calling the decision “Irresponsible”
As a concerned Nigerian, situations like this one, raises so many questions and issues concerning our integrity as a people and as a Nation. First, who gave such directive and secondly why should it be now, just few weeks to Christmas?
As a social media addict, I have been on Twitter since 2009, I’ve studied and followed the demographic slowly. I love twitter more than all other social media platform and I’ve been opportune to engage with some social media Influencers like Sean Gardner, Aaron Lee ,Lolly Daskal, Ann Tran, etc
One thing I’ve come across and understand is that, what you want from social media is what social media will give back to you, that is, you can only get back what you put it in or what you deserve. Some people are on social media to find Job, mentors, connection, and to build relationship, others are just there as noise makers and nuisance. To achieve your social media goals, you must be focus, dedicated and curious no matter what you want.
I recently have an interactions with some group of young people and I was amazed with what they are using their data for.
Over 50% of the people I interacted with use it to upload pictures on Facebook, some use it to download movies, others to insult political office holders and keep up to date with trending event, other to chat with their friends on whatapp, etc.
“She smiled more on her phone than with me” A man complained and claimed that NCC were right to proposed the new bride price for social media.
But for me, even if they did succeed to increase data charges will that solve his problem? That’s a big question and It is pertinent for us to ask ourselves, what are we are using our data for?
To look into it briefly, Prof Wole Soyinka saga provided a good platform for us to experiment our questions and look at how we Nigerian treat our heroes.
‘To destroy greencard or not’ becomes so important than our normal day to day activities, thus making Soyinka to trend on Twitter for so many hour.
The Sudden rise of some blogger, Social Media strategist leave us with a good reason that buying data JUST to upload pictures to get likes on Facebook won’t pay much but it helps to build your social media profile and improve engagement.

If the only reason you buy data is to insult others and cause commotion, you are not doing it well. You need to ask yourself the following questions before posting that tweet, photos or comments, what value

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