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Gov Abubakar Is Too Decent To Shut Isa Yuguda Out Of Bauchi – Aliyu


Alhaji Al-Amin Aliyu is an accountant, businessman and grassroots politician who played key roles last year in several behind-the-scene strategic moves in the All Progressives Congress (APC) to ensure the emergence of Governor Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar of Bauchi State. In this interview with GEORGE AGBA, the CEO, Rahama City Suite in Bauchi speaks on alleged altercations over last week’s visit to the state by former governor, Mal. Isa Yuguda, maintaining that contrary to false online reports, the state government did not stop the visit.

Why is Bauchi State in the news again, unfortunately for the wrong reasons; why is it that…

…(Cuts in) Why is it that some people will always seek to give wrong interpretation to good things happening in Bauchi? Whenever my state comes in the news, it is for the good reasons. For example, our governor has been out of the country in search of good things for our fast-growing state. Even while he was away, great things never ceased to happen here because we are lucky to have such a fantastically committed man who is giving his best to this state. He’s always working, thinking, planning, strategising and networking for the overall good of this state. This is the good news coming from our very peaceful state of Bauchi which I want the whole world to hear.


But what we heard was that your governor gave orders that his immediate past predecessor, Mal. Isa Yuguda should be blocked from entering Bauchi last week. Why will a sitting governor stop his immediate past predecessor from entering a state once governed for eight straight years; is that not bad enough?

Precisely yes. But please let me give you the facts. What you have been hearing are concocted and fabricated lies created to undermine the good image of the governor. Don’t forget that before now- and it is not breaking news- some ambitious self-acclaimed champions in the National Assembly of Bauchi origin constituted themselves into fake power centres holding court over the governance of our state. They wanted to turn the governor into a puppet and run the state from Abuja. It cannot happen, especially where our governor was elected legitimately and overwhelmingly. Anyway, this is a matter for another day but let me quickly put on record that my governor, His Excellency, Barrister Mohammed Abdullahi Abubakar, MA as we fondly call him, is too decent to play that kind of cheap politics. My governor, M.A which we have re-coined as Master of Administration, is too refined to give orders that his predecessor should not visit the state. Why? Don’t forget that he’s a systems man so he knows the respect deserving of the office. He will not do anything to demean the office. But people should respect themselves too.


Are you saying it is not true? If you claim it is all hype, why were Isa Yuguda’s supporters blocked from receiving him at Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa International Airport in Bauchi?

Nobody blocked anybody. Thank you very much for helping me use the word hype. You see, these people will stop at nothing to execute their hollow political project for 2019. It is simply hype every step of the way.


You mean there is 2019 already in the mix?

Of course, yes. It is not difficult to see. We are politicians and we are with the people. It is not rocket science. We are on ground. The point we are making is that while they are free to politick, they should not distract our governor from performing, from delivering democracy dividend to the good and peace-loving people of Bauchi State who unanimously voted His Excellency, our able and adorable M.A into office. But do you realise that I have not given you the facts of what actually happened with respect to Isa Yuguda’s ill-fated political visit?


Please tell us, what really happened?

Thank you. I gathered that long before the governor’s trip abroad, he got information as the Chief Security Officer of the state about Isa Yuguda’s planned visit to Bauchi. Of course, we also got to know that some people were contracted to mobilize 20 buses loaded with people from each local government of the state.


You mean popularity by hired crowd?

Yes, popularity by hired crowd. You know what the times are saying. People need money. That is the pattern we met on ground where virtually everything is hired for money but we are changing it. We are not complaining.


But what is your proof? You mean a former governor, who governed the state for two consecutive terms, cannot get substantial supporters to receive him except he doles out money to them?

Regrettably, this is the horrible system our governor met on ground which he is already tackling with some success. This is the new radical political thinking and orientation which some people are fighting. The more they fight it, the more he is eager to change it because of its inherent socio-economic effect it has caused our people. M.A has worked out a people-oriented scheme that offers the people a more enduring package that discourages the doling-out of handouts that cannot take the people anywhere. I will get to that later if you kindly permit me in the course of this interview but let me quickly give you the rest of the details about Isa Yuguda’s botched political gambit in Bauchi last week.

What botched it? After all, is it not true that his supporters received him at the airport and even accompanied him to his house near the Government House in the heart of Bauchi where he was said to have passed the night.

Thank you. So what is the story they were spreading that our governor denied Isa Yuguda entry into Bauchi when in actual fact, he passed the night there? Can’t you see the political mischief now? Our governor got information that they wanted to hold a public rally, so he gave clear directives from where he was abroad for a statement to be issued outlawing the public rally. I make bold to say that the governor did the right thing as an astute administrator with very capable, competent and tested functionaries like his deputy, the SSG, the chief of staff, the permanent secretary (Special Duty) in the Government House and the commissioner of police, all of who know how to give effect and impact to the governor’s directive. Nobody stopped Isa Yuguda from his visit to Bauchi. My opinion here is that if the former governor was not out to politicise his arrival by announcing in the media and setting up committees across the state to welcome him, the present administration in the state would not have come out with a no- rally order. I mean let’s face it, is this not an unconscionable political move by the former governor at the expense of governance?


But you will agree that they have their right to freedom of assembly and association and your governor should realise this as a trained lawyer. What’s your response?

Yes, of course he recognises the people’s right to free assembly but don’t forget that while he also swore to an oath of allegiance to allow public interest override always, for purely security reasons, as the chief security officer of the state, he is bound to foresee and forestall threats to the security of the state. Former Gov. Isa Yuguda also knows this much. In a state where there are still some idle and vulnerable boys such as the Yankwarans and the Sara Sukas, allowing such a political gathering to hold is a recipe for trouble. This is the least that our peace-loving people want to experience now.


But the former governor is a politician of note. Isn’t he free to meet with his supporters; does this not amount to an act of political intolerance on the part of the state government?

Where is political intolerance here? Of course, the former governor is always free to hold his political beliefs even though we don’t know where he belongs now since he publically announced that he had quit PDP. Under what political banner did he plan to hold the public rally and as who? These were some of the probing questions that necessitated the no-rally order of the Bauchi State government. Our governor acted very rightly and we fully support him. Besides, where are his supporters? Which supporters? Where were his supporters when Ali Wakili, a dark horse, roundly defeated him at the last Bauchi Central Senatorial Election? Yuguda was so fazed and dazed that he hurriedly ran out of town and out of the country. It looks like he has finally regained himself but definitely not his political balance. If he dares come back again, he will suffer the same fate. We are waiting for him.

For emphasis, the point I am making here is that the former governor came to Bauchi to test his political popularity when the incumbent went out of town. Is this not cowardice? We will not allow anybody to distract our active governor from facing governance squarely and delivering democracy dividends to our people. The best we expect from Yuguda now is to respect himself and see how he can utilise whatever goodwill he has with our governor to move this state forward. He should keep his ambition in check and behave wisely. A word is enough for the wise.


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