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More’s Drive To Unveiling Nigeria’s Tourism Treasure-troves


Mark Eromosele More is passionate about placing Nigeria’s tourist attractions on a global scale. In this Interview with CEO Confidential,  the Chief Executive Officer, Motley Travels & Logistics Limited elaborates on why Nigerians first have to appreciate what’s on offer before others will.

How I pictured myself running my own company…

I have been in the airline industry since the days of ADC Airline.  Unfortunately, it was truncated after the air crash of one of the aircraft’s which led to the suspension and eventual fold up of the airline. I discovered my customer service potentials under the tutelage of my capable boss Mr Abiodun Olakunbi who gave me the opportunity to develop in the industry. I’ve had the opportunity to interact with travellers and I studied the pattern of their travels. Aside travelling for business, every traveller has a part of him/her that wants to relax in a new environment. This made me think beyond just selling flight tickets and boarding passengers on a plane.

How I started…

I was able to build on the experience I had gathered and made the decision to run my own travel company. With that in mind, I concentrated on team building and leadership because I pictured myself running my own company. It helped shape me a whole lot as I stepped on toes with some decisions, burnt some cables and had to deal with consequences. When the airline folded up, I told myself that I had gotten all I needed and so I started Motley Travels and Logistics Limited. Though a tough start, Motley is more determined to push that latent quest for recreation that travellers seek.

Tourism in Nigeria…

Tourism has its vast advantages and potentials even though it’s still very much latent in Nigeria. Nations get their wealth from tourism, in fact, in some climes, tourism is the mainstay of the economy. We all know the story of Dubai and many other countries that thrive in tourism. But in Nigeria, the story is different. It’s still a long road to tourism bliss in Nigeria, but we will surely get there someday.

Still, tourism opportunities drive me…

We work too much and have little time for ourselves, family and loved ones. Motley is out to make Nigerians see that it is indeed rewarding to take some time out to fantastic destinations within the country to unwind, recreate and feel refreshed. At the moment we are not into any partnership with any government agency or private body. Aside membership of relevant regulatory bodies we are doing our thing. However, we can achieve more with partnerships. Tourism market is too large to want to go it alone; we need partnership to do a whole lot more. It’s not about Motley rather it’s about tourism in Nigeria and the more partnerships we form, the easier it is to get everyone to buy into it and in no time tourism becomes an economic force. We will be glad to be part of that system.

Tourist sites undeveloped, but …

We have visited a number of sites namely Idanre hills, Ikogosi warm spring, Obudu mountain resort, the slave trade route in badagry, Olumo rock, Yankari games reserve, Gurara Waterfalls to mention a few. However, the tourist destinations in Nigeria are so many and we hope to be able to cover a good number of them in the nearest future. The thing about some of these sites is that they are still in their natural form and as such the beauty is beyond words.

Gurara Falls in Niger State

Tour to Gurara Falls in Niger State

Nigerians really need to spend some time to visit these places and we strongly believe they would appreciate the country more. They get closer to nature, have a better bonding
with their families, and have a better understanding of their environment by seeing that what unites us is much more than that which divides us. More importantly, they spend far less than they would spend visiting similar places outside the shores of Nigeria.

Kajuru Castle in Kaduna State.

Kajuru Castle in Kaduna State.







Prospects of ‘selling’ Nigeria to the World…

How can I tell a story about other countries when I don’t even know my country? A lot of Nigerians know Dubai, Disney land and other places of interest in foreign lands but sadly do not know similar places anywhere in Nigeria. Tourism is a big business and there are many places that are yet to be untapped. The present economic recession should make us look inwards for that travel satisfaction, to save money amidst numerous other benefits. Our prospects within Nigeria are inexhaustible so we are concentrating on building our own Nigerian tourism for the outside world to also come and see. There are other tourism companies doing that, but for us, until we take people through the length and breadth of Nigeria, international tourism would be the least priority. The priority is to position ourselves so that foreigners can use our service whenever they visit Nigeria.

We need to bridge the gap in the industry…

What needs to be done is what Motley is doing now – Government has a role to play but I think people need to come up with ideas like this for Government and other interested investors to see and want to be a part of. With this increased activities, these sites will be developed to increase the inflow of tourists which in turn generate revenue for the government. So we need more tour companies to wake up and make the necessary sacrifice to project tourism, then we can speak in one voice. To go fast, you go alone but if you want to go far you go as a team. It has to be a joint effort to enhance the growth and economic value of tourism in Nigeria.

The time to act is now…

Everyone knows and talks about tourism potentials in Nigeria but the question is – where is the empirical data to convince the government towards investment drive? The answer at the moment is No. Until we have a reference data to push forward, we can only keep doing what we are doing hoping that other tour companies come on board and also have data and in the nearest future we would have a presentable fact to support our quest for investment and tourism promotion.

On moving forward…

The way forward for the industry is for travel companies like ours to wake up and discover Nigeria to sell Nigeria to both Nigerians and foreigners. If we play our role at our own level we will have reference to jointly approach the government for necessary assistance. There has to be awareness to build interest in Nigeria tourism before you can talk of selling Nigeria tourism. Unfortunately, many of these other countries see these potentials in Nigerians and they quickly grab them to their own advantage whereas Nigeria needs those people to sell her own potentials. So it’s a mix solution that has to do with the business environment, government support through determination and commitment to making tourism work in Nigeria.

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