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The Photo Finalists In The Natural History Museum’s 2016 Awards Are Breathtaking [Images]

We’re suckers for a good photo competition, and we’ve already shown you the winners of the 2016 Wildlife Photographer Of The Year HERE, but we’re not quite done.

That’s because the Natural History Museum’s annual ‘People’s Choice Award’ nominees are out, and some of them are nothing short of stunning.

There are 25 images in the running, but we’ll just a handpick a few from the BBC’s selection:

The stare of death – Johan Kloppers, South Africa


Johan Kloppers saw this little wildebeest shortly after it was born in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, South Africa. Little did he know that he would witness its death later that same day. The small herd of wildebeest walked right past a pride of lions, and the calf was caught by a lioness and then taken by this male lion.

Facing the storm – Gunther Riehle, Germany


Gunther Riehle arrived at the sea-ice in Antarctica in sunshine, but by the evening a storm had picked up – and then came snow. He concentrated on taking images of the emperor penguin chicks huddled together to shield themselves.

Ghostly snow geese – Gordon Illg, US


These snow geese almost seemed like ghosts in the pink early morning light as they landed among sandhill cranes in the Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico, US.

The couple – Sergio Sarta, Italy


During a dive off the coast of Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia, Sergio Sarta saw a bright-coloured organism – a fire urchin with an elegant couple of little Coleman shrimps. The fire urchin has quills that are very toxic to humans – the shrimps avoid this danger by seeking out safe areas between the quills.

Into the night – Karine Aigner, US


During the summer months, 20 million Mexican free-tailed bats arrive at Bracken Cave in San Antonio, Texas, US, to give birth and raise their young. Each evening at dusk, the hungry mothers emerge into the night in a vortex, circling out through the entrance and rising into the sky to feed on insects.

The blue trail – Mario Cea, Spain


The kingfisher frequented this natural pond every day, and Mario Cea used a high shutter speed with artificial light to photograph it. He used several units of flash for the kingfisher and a continuous light to capture the wake as the bird dived down towards the water.

Confusion – Rudi Hulshof, South Africa


Rudi Hulshof wanted to capture the uncertainty of the future of the southern white rhino in the Welgevonden Game Reserve, South Africa, because of poaching. He anticipated the moment when these two rhinos would walk past each other, creating this silhouette effect and the illusion of a two-headed rhino.

And here we are sharing pictures of our lunch on social media.

If you want to vote for any of those above, as well as see the rest of the finalists, you can head over HERE.

And by now you know the drill – don’t be giving crummy presents this Christmas, give a gift that stands the test of time.


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