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Ultimate Cycler Website Is Back, Members Can Login But …

Ultimate Cycler Website Is Back, Members Can Login But …

The website of the latest viral ponzi scheme taking over the interest of numerous Nigerians, Ulimate Cycler has been down since yesterday but there is a new development.

For followers of Nigeria Today, you must have read our report which was copied by numerous bloggers about the website crash of Ultimate cycler. If you missed it, click here to read

After the report of the crash, our technical team took time to give an expert analysis while the website crashed and when it will be back online, you can read it here if you missed it

Ask questions and get answers on Ultimate Cycler from fellow members. Click here

The owners of the ponzi scheme had put up a message informing readers that they are undergoing upgrade and will be back between 6 – 12 hours. A review by the technical team of Nigeria Today had suggested the website is down due to heavy traffic. The influx of people to the ponzi scheme hosted at had caused the website to crash and the only way to bring it back was moving the site to a bigger server that will accommodate the thousands of people signing up every hour. This appears to be what the developer of the scheme are doing which is why the message is up.

Note: There is a new development on, the owners of Ultimate Circler have released a statement. click here to read

The Good news

The Good news is the website is back on and members are able to login. A member of the community informed Nigeria Today that he has successfully login to his account at few minutes ago.

Subsequently, our tech department visited the website to confirm and he was right, the website was working fine.

The Bad news is

The bad news is the website is down again. It is coming on and off. This can mean one thing: The developers are test running a new server. Which means they should be fully back online soon.

Note: These are only technical and expert opinion from the technical team at Nigeria Today. We advice any user who has money trapped in the system to contact the developers via other channels such as facebook and twitter.

We advice our reader not to put in their money in Ponzi Scheme.

Do you ever have any question about anything you wish to ask and get answer? Click here to ask

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  1. How howvsoon will it be back, because my money is trapped inside

    • please i want to register ul

    • Can somebody please help me? I registered with Ultimate Cycler since on the 29th of November and made donation to my upliner the next day being the 30th of November. She actually confirmed me and shortly after that, the site went down but since the site came back, nobody has been merged with me. Seriously, my money is tied down and I do not know what to do. Please I need an advice or assistance. Thanks.

  2. What happens to people who hv registered and even paid the 12500. Why should people lie to us abt networking business. Now how do we get our money back?

  3. blessing u should’nt be worried it’snot a scam it’s just the system upgrading

  4. I believed the network will soon restored

  5. Ppl are running out of patience. A lots of scam news, they should do something ASAP

  6. Everybody relax. There is nothing to panick about. The site is trying to integrate the Nigerian platform to it’s global database.
    Ultimate cycler is here to stay. No going back! (:-

    • yesooo!!! 4 real,

  7. When are they coming back fully , myoney is.trapped there, i can i say this guyz system is too fast ,it has over laboured itself

  8. U people should be fast about that Beside I was merge with somebody and he refuse to pay

  9. please every body should relax I no that the are trying to obgrate the system. trusty ultimate cycler will pay every body. so there is nothing to worry about mean wyl ultimate cycler was trying to us expecially we that we have nothing so I thak altimate cycler 100% good bye

  10. With d way this ponzi scheme’s management is changing informations,from ur technical point of view,do u think there is a hope of them coming back again. Money hanged.

  11. like how many day we they merge person with me after i have paid into another person account

  12. is the proplem still on pls

  13. Even if u are the person will u pay such ?

  14. This netwrk issue. I pray it’s netwrk for real bcos I had paid n the guy that was tagged to pay me has refused to pay. I hope it’s not a scam

  15. Pls help me because I have payed my own 12500 since on Wed but up till now I have not been merge.

  16. Ultimatecycler management pls do something about your site because no time. Time is monye.

  17. Please I have paid 12,500 for some days now please am still waiting for my 50 thousand please I don’t want to be disappointed please am pleading

  18. I registered last week,paid whom I was asked to pay 12,500,right now I want to know my fate
    Will I still be matched nd be paid?

  19. please u people should not disappoint us oo l borrowed money to pay please.

  20. Please you people should not do this to me because people’s that I have registered have been calling me here and there because of their money, and I don’t even have money to pay them back

  21. Life’s greatest lesson are gained from our losses when properly evaluated

  22. please my money was traped here u pple should do smtin abt dis tin let us get our money back

  23. Am not dar scared I just don’t want dem to fold up mainly cos of my frnds DAT I put in dis business and are really complaining

  24. please, if it finally come up some of us that were supposed to pay in money and the 48hr have passed what do we do?

  25. Pls am worried abut my money, u peoples shud do something abut that.

  26. How on earth can something like be scam? guys, these money is not going to ultimate cycle remember, it is going directly to the members.

    • Felicia Raymond Please help because i have payed my own money since December am worried about my money please do something ultimate cycle remember thank you

  27. I don’t believe it’s a scam rather a traffic. The network is real because I have benefited even got my pay in 3 days. I have also paid out to someone I was merged with.I pray the site is restored soon.

  28. How can I contact the developer via other channels as stated above because my money is been trapped

  29. “The site will be back” – I agree, but will those registered still continue and get their payments? Or will it be started afresh?

  30. pls let them do it fast. for my money is trapped too.
    Even worse. I registered and paid but have not imputed my payment mode and stuff like that.

  31. I wonder what else to tell my friends that registered under me in order to calm them down because they are trying to kill me since yesterday

  32. They should know that Nigerian have the largest population in Africa before starting this system called ultimate cycler even if the site come back again many members will back off mostly the members that has benefited trust naija nah

  33. what is going on?do we believe the rumour? are we scammed? please clear our doubts

  34. Wat wil now happen to person dat u paid u, add confirmation is pending… Ad when are u coming bck fully.

  35. People paid early on Thursday morning before the system stop working, dose people have not been confirmed what will happen to them, I hope they won’t block them ooooo blcos is more than the 48hrs as said

  36. Wat wil now happend to d people dat paid u, ad d confirmation is pending? And wen ar u coming bck fully?

  37. the site will open soon don’t mind vanguard news. they are government agent

  38. My own is that if only I can recover my money back am OK

  39. Lol…. The truth is that they ain’t ready for biz,because if they are they would have prepared properly…. Bow they have lost their props and reputation.

  40. Every one should just hold on for the network to come up because am very sure its not a scam

  41. Pls l need u guys to be back my money as well as my downline money is hanging seriously…not happy about this…

  42. I knew that this ultimate cycler is fraud since their inception

  43. Am in danger with Youths in Enugu many which I registered, have noting in hand after which they paid #12,500 to belong and is now reach the level of Case. Pls what can I do????????!!!. Pls call 07035204615.

  44. this is funny, why must you consult a fake programmer who is not good in networking is MMM not working effectively, this problem started from Tuesday till now it has not been build up I wonder oooo.

  45. I don’t want to believe dat d site has crashed but rather an upgrade in system do don’t panic it will soon come up again

  46. This is getting out of hands oo,what is going on with ultimate cycler site is the day someone supposed too pay me the system went off I hope I’m still going to get my money paid oo..please ultimate cycler should come back fast oo


    Forget ultimatecycler for now. I joined this one yesterday and I already have my capital back. I paid $20 (9,700 Naira). Join now. You will get spillovers as referrals if you don’t know how to get referrals. Join here

  48. pls nna ultimate cycler Don finish guyses life over here as am chatttinh naw there is war all over the country if the site no open eh die hard remaineth our case pls inbox me on this number oooo 08126114008

  49. Well I just pray DAT dis shall not b d end of ultimatecycler

  50. Pls I paid in 12500 since on Monday up till now they have not merged me with somebody and also those that registered under me want their money back what will I do now

  51. I which to join pls

  52. My most concerns is if this upgrade time delay will also affect the time collection. Coz I know definitely the site will come up

  53. What advice is the admin giving us now cos i hv invested 37500 all together, how do i get the money back thank you.

  54. I hv been activated by my sponsor nd when it came up for one minute it’s says I should activate my account again

  55. Your chances of getting back your money is very slim
    Even if the network comes back those to pay you might not want to pay .

  56. What!!!
    no, that cannot happen.
    what am I to do to them that has registered under me already?
    Chukwu Okike Abiama help me out from the hands of the zoo people.

  57. What do I do? I registered and I convinced four people to register under me which they did and gave me money, after a day it was said the ultimate cycler is crashed, those people are on my neck, what do I do?

  58. Christmas is at corner and you guys are disappointing us please returned my money if you are not serious. Since Monday
    Since Monday I have paid my 12500 but nothing has been done till now

  59. scammed? ultimatecycler gone

  60. May God give all of you who have invested in ultimate cycler, the fortitude to bear the lost…

  61. The re now taking too long and is unfair… The should ve at least sent mail to its members…..

  62. Maduka nduka victor i registered 4 people b4 the network issue started ad have just having petty on student’s pls help.

  63. Please I have registered so any people under me…and they’re bordering me about their money..and I don’t no what to tell they.please help out.

    • we will come out in new body.. thanks

  64. Pls am waiting to see my link

  65. Let me give you advise as a professional I.T man. if you have a personal website and you probably not expect huge patronage on that site, e.g. you remember the time Fg of Nigeria placed advert and They give a specific site to apply, because of the massive turn up on.that site, it crashed. It because of the traffic and the server. So need to upgrade the server in other to containing the million that may be visiting the site. I think that’s What is happening with the ultimate cycler

  66. I assure you that ultimate cycler network will soon come back more solid than ever.The tissue there is that previously they are recording about 10,000 members a day but today the number has increased to 50,0000 to 100,000 thereabout. And for that effect, it effects the network immensely but my assurance is that when they are through, every thing will be alright. It is not even easy with the owner cos he knows how much he loses a day at the cause of this.

  67. my people lets be patient and have in mind that diz money is in a rotational payment system be calm ultimate cycler will not let another take ur money like dat urs will rotate to u as soon as the site is in order my 25K is in there and have not received any payment yet. Patience is the key to the spirit of money

  68. all we nid is to b pateint,d website is undergoing upgrading n will b back shortly

  69. What’s d way forward???

  70. what is happening to ultimate cycler website cause I need my money now

  71. I hope the site comes back ooo.paid 12500 since Monday fa n d 2 people that registered under me has refused to pay.I just hope n pray I get my money back

  72. See, those demanding for their money back are cowards so they dont know that all networking bizs are risky bizs…i have my money there too and i wont make mistake of telling the person who introduced me to it any rubbish afterall i entered of my own selfwill …i am so optimistic that ultimatecycler will come back.. But even if it did not come back..LIFE CONTINUES…i will rise again, gather whatever that fell from me and find another networking bi z to JOIN because networking biz is the biz of 21st century.

    • I don’t know who u are, but ur the only one who have said what interest me. Business as a whole is risk, but that does not mean we will stop investing. Online business is the boom of 2016.

      • Correct people with matured mind! “Obi kererenke bu egwu onye okara-obi” SURE

  73. I ve peace d site will be restored

  74. Please I need this money by all means

  75. I don’t think ultimate cycler will be back, it had been a lot of difficulties since I was introduce to this website. People just find it easy to eat up money that was not mend for them. God will vandicate

  76. Upgrading indeed, its an opportunity for the wise to confuse the fool.

  77. I nd my money back

  78. So confusing, 12500 to get 50000 imagine. Big eyes

  79. Ultimate cycler can never crash. Bcos it has changed my life today from these wicked country we are in. All we need is patience. They will soon be back.

  80. pls better put your system aright to prevent heart break of many participants

  81. I registered someone and the person has paid but though to your network problem with your site so he not been confirmed paid and I cannot login into your site since 2day now the name of the person registered is mosesohe

  82. dis is serious. icharity is having d same wahala

  83. I am convinced that it will come back. Believed d re trying to upgrade in other to serve us better
    Pls don’t panic. Have pple I initiated into dis ultimate cycler. God in heaven will help us. Is not a scam.

  84. The CEO of the ULTIMATE CYCLER, Peter Wolfing just realesed a video on why the site went offline,

    In the video he described that when they were establishing the web page, the powered it with a mechanism that is capable of running and containing at least a hundred thousand people in a day, but the rate has increased to over a million people per day, so the host and server is congested, they are working on establishing the capacity of they members no matter how many members that join in daily.

    Secondly, the features in the site like the programming is poor,in an instant when someone opens an account and doesn’t activate it, he/she becomes a problem to his spill over in the sense that when new members join and are to be confirmed by that account but can’t be confirmed due to that particular account is not activated and hereby being a catalyst of delay to his team and make members stranded, so right now is being worked on so that such account can be an issue to the spill over

    Thirdly, due to the congestion in network, someone under your matrix merged to pay you doesn’t reflect in your pending receivable and hereby with holding you from activating the account and also causing a gridlock in the matrix is also being resolved

    Fourthly, issue of peope being delayed in receiving there payments.

    And fiftly, when an account is opened it takes time to be merged even like two days due to the capacity of the host are all being resolved.

    so let us all calm down and be patient peter wolfing and the ultimate cycler technical team are working on it unceasingly and promised to be back online soon

  85. Thank God I didn’t pay a,just watching…

  86. How on earth do u expect to put 12500 to get 50000k na waaaao since last three day u are stiil on network issue.i pray oo

  87. this is the question i whant to ask who is paying all this money?pls no body should complain of anything try and manage d situation it is risk u took .oky

  88. Plis accord 2 stories let it bi so bcos dis hs cost mi a lot of cash we re abt 5 in ma family I personally use ma own moni 2 registered dem nd dat wz un Monday I paid into deferents acct hopin 2 received 1or 2 bt no way Plis u guys shuld do somtin abt so dat sambdy we nt committe socid oooooh

  89. All I know is that is not scam because we are not paying into their account but what I want is for them to be fast there is no time to waste

  90. I’d like to ask if the people pending to me will still pay when d system comes back…and pls wat is this admin fee all about.

  91. Please oh my money is trapped with u people I dunno what u people are saying

  92. Please oh my money is trapped with u people I dunno what u people are saying…lol fucking criminals

  93. a friend told me about ultimate cycle yesterday and gave him my own 12500 and another two person under me, and there paid too. but up till now I have not heard anything from him than the system is not good. so am confused

  94. Helo good people of Nigeria if MMM,GIVERS,ICHARITY can stand belive me ultimate cycler can stand nd will come back again in a big way,pls panick not as every thing will be fine soon. Get this fact wat so ever happened is nt a scam, due to the recession in nigeria lots of u engaged into ultimate cycler and some even joined wit every dine they had, am nt panicking to death forgetting the fact DAT I borrowed money to join ultimate cycler cuz I gat this strong filling DAT its gonna come and truelly better better our life for good. Fear nt just keep praying and believe in God

  95. Pls don’t hang peter wolfing on the cross,all he wanted was a good life for us, ultimate cycler is coming back stay calm.

  96. Pls I need my money back

  97. please how will I get my money back. people are still busy collecting money from people. when will the system Upgrade am dying

  98. Pls u guys should do something about this because I borrow this money from someone abeg

  99. I don’t care wah u guys r doing I jst nid my money bk dis is so frustrating wats all these story for ultimatecycler shud av been prepared b4 gting pple involved in this I registered since monday n I still avent bin able 2 log in cos of this. How du I evn knw wu am merged with my data is not evn inputed yet ultimatecycler pls do sumthing and do it real quick am gting frustrated

  100. i am yet to login.
    what should i do?

  101. When is ultimatecycler going to come back again or is it not coming back

  102. Haaaaaaaaa pls sis dont commit sucide o, we are many

  103. I have made up my mind If at the end they dont pay, it teaches me a great lesson. But If at the end their network desides to come up find cos am tired of this network stories after my payment to another person. God will help us.

  104. Please take it easy. You can not lose money on the system because it is person to person system. The promoters don’t need your naira for anything. It is to make sure it works great for all of us. There is no central pool fund to make you lose money to anyone.

  105. the problem is Nigerians are greedy image one person have five accounts

  106. thank god say I nor sabi this one before ooooo.

  107. please, can any thing be done to this site again? if yes, till when? failure to fulfill it; please answer

  108. Please let the upgraders be fast because I have register many people, and they are disturbing me oh

  109. Calm Down fellas though I am not yet on it yet, but hope to be on it when it finally comes back. This things happens a lot ok. Even Facebook was a victim if this sometimes ago. All that I know is that the cycle will soon continue again! #theinventor

  110. Ultimate cycler is not a scam. Between last week Friday and Tuesday morning, I have made my 50k and I have not even registered 4people cos I got spills from my upliners.I pray the network comes up cos I will still continue.long live ultimate cycler.

  111. it will soon be up again.Relax

  112. You won use 12500 to collect 50k hahahaha naija

  113. Patience is a great virtue… We’ve just be informed about the offline site which will be restored soonest.. Life is all about Risk.

  114. There’s no easy way to make money but some people think that online business is the ultimate,how can u think that you will pay 12500 and get 50k on earth this is mystery but I invest 12500 but I am not fearful even if it crashed

    • Just keep waiting

  115. when is ultimate cycler coming back, hope it will not be after Exmas, a friend of my just introduced into it and I have payed may God help us all

  116. How will I register

  117. How will I register? Please if anyone know watsup me on 07064344164

  118. Myself and the two people I introduced had paid our money before the server went down, I hope you are not going to ask us to pay another money? Please, try and fix everything on time to avoid speculation or rumour going on in nigeria now that the site can no longer come back. I wish you guys all the best.

  119. Beauty u people are just saying what u don’t know about ultimatecycler is real join ultimatecycler for u to live a better life ultimatecycler is changing the nation worldwide

  120. please, I registered since last week and Paid in on 26th Nov. since then I have not been match to someone to pay into My Acc. what is happening,i am worried

  121. Pls some people will register and refused to pay after he or she has been emerged .how do we delet those people or can the system remove them and replace with another person because its now problem of owing owing.pls do something on how to delet people and replace them automatically

  122. I need to remove someone who do not want to pay me.

  123. Not too long I paid,please you people should do something about it n fast please.

  124. Good news

    The Nigeria security exchange commission in collaboration with President Muhammad Buhari are working very hard to make sure that ultimate website come back again. So all te greedy traders is here by advice to stay calm.

  125. I was merged with somebody but he insist he will not pay until the site is back. Please restore the system as soon as possible. My school fee…

  126. Pls be patient . The website will be restore soon, my moni is there too

  127. Nawa oh am not happy cos Wat ever I lay my hands fells me nawa oh God is not my fault na ultimate cycler

  128. Thunder go fire Jacob Inuaeyen for introducing me to this forum. He is the one to pay me back my money not ultimatecycler shaaa.

  129. Every day d site will be restored . How soon will it be restored. Na wa ooooooo. Dis restoration has really taken time ooooo

  130. Please ultimate cycler company i’m here to register, please come up very well, show Nigerian what is business, I believe in you. God will bless you. Thanks.

  131. please i am running out of patient,please when i have paid someone
    already and the person have not confirmed me

  132. please hw can I paid money in

  133. Be optimistic they are here to Stay.

  134. Even when d network comes back, it will be dificult and hard to convince people again and also those merged to pay will be afraid to pay, there would be no trust again, then in that case what will the new members do, will d system merge them with four peoples?, please something should be done fast.

  135. All these people shouting they need their money back, were you forced? Is it not business that you did which is all about taking RISK; either you gain or you loose. So, be strong enough to accept which ever one that comes.
    l wish all of you Good luck!

  136. i used all the money I supposed to for Xmas put.but u Guy’s have stop the business. how can I get my cash

  137. pls
    ..wat ever yhu guys at ultimate cycler r doing …yhu do it fast …time is money..

  138. Pls I registered since Monday and I payed 12,500. But I have not be merge with anybody,now d website has shut down,what should I do?And my friends are now laughing at pls sir Peter try and approve ur enemies wrong by bringing ultimate cycler website back.i pray as u do so,God will uplift u above all people in d whole world in Jesus name Amen.And u will live long,u will never die befor ur time in Jesus Amen.Try ur best to bring d website back and in merge somebody to me who will pay me. Tanx

  139. Infact am fed up ooo cos i just paid a frnd of mine so am still hoping pls ultimate cycler ooooo

  140. Hmmm am not happy since Thursday bcos of ultimate cycler bcos av played someone be for dis network not good again wat am going to do now bcos ultimate cycler not Knw dat av played ooo

  141. My money is trapped there ….i knew this was going to happen

  142. I pray that God should help them to bring the site back, bcos I paid my money since Tuesday I don’t see any thing

  143. How can i get my money back, bcos i registered wt last week but no sign

  144. Pls do something ……the people I registered are on my neck,I don’t have any means of paying back ooo

  145. please. i made my first payment the day this nonsence started. i called the guy i paid for. he said he has not confirmed me. but he has recieved the money. i hop i woun’t be blocked becouse of this?

  146. They should do and upgrade the site fast because my money is trapped in there

  147. Pls am getting worried oo
    U guys should do fast

  148. Chai

  149. pls someone registered under me and i havnt confirmed his payment before the upgrading stuff hope hes accoun wont be blocked

  150. I made payment to Chidiebere. That same day they site started misbehaving. How will I get that money that I paid

  151. We don’t need to panic, bcus I strongly believe dat de site will still back to it normal Woking state

  152. Pls can be patient again ooo,since last week

  153. When am I getting my money, cose have paid in to someone and still can’t get mine.I praise this should not be what am thinking.

  154. all I know is that the site is just closed simple nothing like upgrading

    but I count it all joy

  155. I registered people and hv not activate them, some is due for payment and they are saying I eat there money. Pls went is it cming up at least so we can be happy on e again

  156. U have to worry. U wil stil be matched. No nid to panic.

  157. I don’t know where to login and register people again

  158. I paid monie to sombdy nd till nw I hvnt bin merged…..its not fair bcos its not encouraging me and other people……

  159. Pls I registered my friends and family members de site match them and the pay now the are on my neck for there money me too am due for payment how do we get my money

  160. We all have to understand dt biz is all abt risk,and this one is not exceptional, but dis risk is worth taking d site will be back I believe

  161. i have paid the person they merged me with since thursday, before this issue and the person has not confirmed me, what will i do to get my money back? because the 48hours has exhausted.

  162. Pls how will I get my money back I have pay my own money

  163. pls i what top see my user ad hwo to long in now to menber now

  164. Ultimate cycler is causing a lot of confusion here in Nigeria in between the reference and the new register due to the breaking down networking and the way that the matter can be resolved is b bringing back the website to life

  165. I can’t believe this is happening to me cos I have paid my 12500 please am begging you to bring the site back

  166. my friend forced me and i registered and also pay the 12500 into another persons account and after the payment i started hearing about this network problem. please i take God beg una u people should do sometin cox i cant just lose 12500 in dis hardship

  167. I paid mine since Tuesday last week and I have not never being merged or receive any response from any body, please am confused, help me.

  168. I have never been interested with online money making. My fucking major concern was my love ones stake there cash on this poo called…….’cycler’.

  169. Pls Almighty God, restore Dis site, I rebuked every set back and I pray let Dis ultimate cycler be what people wik testify for, in Jesus name Amen

  170. Av Been paid since last week Bt d netwrk is too bad to merge n comfirm me

  171. am so scared, I can’t even login talkmore of to register person. I have paid my 12,500 to someone since Tues but no persons has been match to pay me. pls u pple should do something on the network issue

  172. plz u should all take it easy. the site wiil surely be back.

  173. Ultimate cycler is one of the best innovations in the world today. some call it a ponzi scheme, others call it scam. But to me, what gives me 300% interest in a few days in a very terrible economy is really worth looking into. As for the crashed website, it is due to a massive flow of traffic. It will come back on in a short while. I hope.

  174. Please o… Ultimate cycler don’t join the economic state to hurt people’s feelings… People are crying bitterly.

  175. Please ultimate global network we have not been able to log in, but at least you are the website holders please we the new members are now in pains trying to promote your program. If really we have list our money please let us know so we can bear it. But seriously its unfair to human kind. Because I believe that so many borrowed this money to pay in for an income. Please put it into consideration. I have not power of my own

  176. P/s I registered nd i force other 3 people to rgister under me they payed me 12500 only since all this while ntin to show to them am in serious problem with them u pple should do some thing

  177. It is well wit everyone who has payed money to ultimate members.ultimate cycler is coming back soon

  178. E be like say I don enter one chance motor . when i started this ultimate , people gave me impression that nothing dey happen . after the payment i made , the network started misbehaving till now and people i am to register have not be register. Hope my money have not be trapped ? Make una help o na borrow i go borrowed ooo heeeee once chance

  179. have paid over two weeks they hav’t paid me plz don’t disappoint me am pleading.

  180. Wat about de money we use in registering for de first time will it be affected by the prproblem pls

  181. l was about to pay befor this incident what will l do now

  182. guys,i know hw u feel am in ur shoe trust me ultimate cycler will be back soon with better features

  183. please, i paid the required amount but my username was copied wrongly. is there a way i can get back my username?

  184. I don’t know why people are panicking over this #12,500 as is its 12million you all should relax the same ultimate cycler has paid 100s of people well so why do you think its now that its your turn they are crashing NOTE: ONLY A SUCCESSFUL THING GET ATTENTION WHEN ITS DOWN. As for me no panick because ultimate cycler is real and its a success

  185. I love the faith of these Nigerians, it makes me so proud to be one. But for those who are still doubting this scheme, ignorance is there middle name they need to wake up. Ultimate Cycler is the best and it’t coming back up TOMORROW bigger and better. Keep hope alive people!!!

  186. If u knew, y did u invest?

  187. big eye

  188. I love this site

  189. I want to knw Hw to loggin

  190. Ultimate cycler is here to stay, no one is arguing dat with you…. What people want to know and hear is that, Ultimate cycler website will be back on so so so date… and not till further notice

  191. Whether good or bad, crash or no crash, me I want to register. Somebody pls help me out cos I cnt find d log in/register plattfe.

  192. This is really rubbing Peter to pay Paul business.It will be unfair if ultimatecycler just ended like this.Pls those certain take note.

  193. Hey my money is hanging ponzi scheme do something fast about it.

  194. peoples talk

  195. Ultimate cycler wey neva settle boys….. bera come see boys now mak we on una site bak! Dey der stil dey try upgrade.

  196. Life entirely is a risks, when i registered I never put strong hope that I want to make mony I just try my luck for those of you who put all his or her hope I wish everyone good expectation but spare money is more prefer to put and don’t put all your money.good luck

  197. I hope this thing is not a scam because I am scared oh

  198. ultimate cycler is real guys..jst stay patience and it will be bck on sooonest

  199. I want to assure all ultimate subscribers that the site will be up soon. Its not scam. Upgrading a site is not an easy task. It would have been possible for them to do the upgrade while the site is still accessible to subscribers but that users will have admin right to manipulate things. The site will be back soon. Hope loading…..

  200. We just want to click on the LOGIN and the site open.
    As for the scam and risk issues, live that for those
    of us who want to invest.
    In gambling there’s a GOLDEN RULE, Risk What You Can Loose.

  201. Pls I reg for almost two weeks now but I didn’t bring anyone hope dey will still pay me my money and how soon

  202. Well I still believe that things will soon be settle and every participants will benefit from his/her investment. UC is better than MMM! Even though my money is hanging. Fire on ultimate cycler we Stand for you.

  203. ultimatecycler doesnt pay…d people involved in it are d ones paying…believe me after d upgrade noone will want to pay again

  204. i don’t understand u ppl ooo.u say that ultimatecycler is back but no body can login. pls tell us what is happening.

  205. please will i get my payment

  206. The issue is that they have blocked my account even though I registered it wf my Oga’s money God help me ooo!

  207. Guys I feel for those of us that are tensed concerning the brake in cash circulation but I believe that ultimate cycler is already coming back cos this morning I was able to login in though all the pages are not yet opening but I believe with time we all will still enjoy the business. Let’s just bear with them for not getting a strong system or serve at least they ve learnt a lesson from this occurrence. Again , little patients. Thanks

  208. Plsss i have paid my 12,500 for more than a week now plsss hope i won’t be disappointed becs i really need that money..

  209. pls, pls, pls l have
    put in my 12500 naira on pls match me to someone to pay me pls thanks

  210. Guys chill, I was able to login this afternoon though I wasn’t able to access my Link but I now strongly believe that ultimate cycler is already coming back(so it’s on the way) those of us that their money is hanging I sympathies with u but peter an the whole management knows that their upgrading affected money circulation so believe me u will get it back even much more u ve invested so a little more patients will do. At least they ve learnt some lessons and correction, and for those of u who think ultimate cycler won’t boom after it’s back, u got it wrong cos for it to come back it means it’s genuine just that mistakes do happen so as much that are interested I advise u to go for it cos nothing I mean no business in this our country is better than it. And for members, please ride onnnn!!!!

  211. My name is joy not joe.Guys chill, I was able to login this afternoon though I wasn’t able to access my Link but I now strongly believe that ultimate cycler is already coming back(so it’s on the way) those of us that their money is hanging I sympathies with u but peter an the whole management knows that their upgrading affected money circulation so believe me u will get it back even much more u ve invested so a little more patients will do. At least they ve learnt some lessons and correction, and for those of u who think ultimate cycler won’t boom after it’s back, u got it wrong cos for it to come back it means it’s genuine just that mistakes do happen so as much that are interested I advise u to go for it cos nothing I mean no business in this our country is better than it. And for members, please ride onnnn!!!!

  212. Every billionaire is a risk taker. I strongly believe in online business. But the choice is yours. come i will teach you real business.

  213. My people they are back, i logged in just 48mins ago and went thro’ my dashboard and confirmed sm1 but d registration site is not yet open. so there is hope!!! my people just relax

    • How did u log in

  214. I heard is now going but still can’t login with my account,pls i want to activate someone

  215. they are not back ooo up till today being Wednesday 07 12 2016

  216. yes bt am confused d two people l registered ar to pay to one person bt then d person hasn’t pay to activate herself plz wht should l do in dis case ad d person that registered me made a mistake in my email ad my bank detail is not there please can it be edited ad correct them if yes plz how

  217. Tessy,
    Please through which site did you login cos I have tried but its not even showing me were to login

  218. I can’t login in to my page,and sb told me they just merged me dat I have to pay him money

  219. If you open ultimate cycler site. De first words Dia under it u will see. Login. Products. Testimonials. Den click login. U are good to go

  220. It is said that ultimate cycler is back but I can’t login cos it’s telling me my user name and password does not exist. My money is hanging , pls what do I do.

  221. i register 2 account before the failure of network.pls i want my money back with good interest because it have stayed so long.

  222. Please can my email address be changed on the board.

  223. maybe you forgot your password or did not type the username correctly

  224. Am so happy that I can login in the my account but I have 1 problem now my link is not opening just to give out

  225. Pls Notice !!! Notice !! Notice ! This is to inform All Nigerians Not To Worry About AnyThing Our System will Be Better Than Every Other Networking Business Forum,,,,JUST keep Still Believing.. U have started u have started no going back cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllll

  226. Please I forgot my password and I’ve not been sent my loggin details for since please can some one help

  227. I was registered by a friend and I inputed my details but it wudn’t come up,could there be a mistake somwhere?

    • No, do it again. it will work but if it didn’t you must have forgotten your password. click on forget password and type your email and submit! check your email fro the new temp. digits you will use to change your password and click on the link in the same email sent to you!

  228. Please I have a lot of people to register but the system is not showing me where to register them.

  229. New member can’t be registered. Please what is happening?

  230. Am afraid ooo, please don’t disappoint us ooo “ultimate cycle

  231. Please don’t disappoint us ultimate cycle

  232. Please how can I remove someone who doesn’t want to pay me the person said she is no more interested I should remove her

  233. omo this is serious

  234. I register for abt 3 weeks which I paid one person, am unable to register another person becoz dey wnt the prof Dat they can get their money also. I Justina hv not receive any paymt are u sure dis is real

  235. pls i dont ever like dis ur system of calling someones number for u to be confirmed..wot if the person collects his money and refuse to confirm u….wot is going to happen to the money u have paid and wont ur site be blocked if he /she doesnt confirm u….?so i think uploading the bank teller before he or she confirms still remain the best….

  236. pls u Ppl u should pay me my money,I paid 12,500 for three weeks nw and I HV never merge will Ppl who will pay me

  237. Please today has made it the 3rd weeks I paid my money pls I need my payment pls am pleading

  238. pls they should pay me my money,this is making 2weeks,pls they should pay me.

  239. mehn…na over one month be this that yeye system never match me with person. which kind wahala be this? The thunder wey go fire INUAYEN wey introduce me to this scheme go come from government house and the other rooms. bcos no be so im talk am.

  240. MMM is crashed so as ultimate cycler, its only God that maketh one rich without adding sorrow,sorry to all the victims of risk

  241. pls Hw can u pay today it’s my turn on Iam waiting pls don’t disappoint me thanks.

  242. Plz o, its over 3weeks i paid my 12500,and am yet to have mine u people shuld plz work on dis site so that people will have deir money, because me I don’t understand ooo….

  243. pls my downline didn’t upgraded his account before the site went down…an now he wants to upgrade it but his account is showing someone else details…and someone as already register under him an was merged instantly.. pls wat will he do to activate his account and also make payment can the other guy can go ahead an make payment

  244. Pls I registered someone and it is not showing who he should pay too on his pending payment to make and also what does that 10$ means because I don’t understand it

  245. $10 means 12500

  246. pls I still want to knw if ultimate cycler is currently paying even with the new development. someone who recieved any payment recently shud pls answer this

  247. A guy registered me, I paid him today in the morning, since then he don’t want to confirm me, he is not picking my calls, and he have blocked me from charting with him on whatsApp. Please what am I going to do

    • Contact me with your proof of payment and get instant confirmation! be happy!

  248. I believe UC is real cuz my team is moving equally being paid by others. Please join a good team nd stop complaining

  249. I want to registered to ultimate circler I don’t see registration form

  250. C nobody is paying after 2 weeks in ultimatecycycling…if u want money u bring pple in..just like meridian

  251. Pls I need ur help, I registered on Sunday night and the system show me Who to donate the #12500 to, I donated the money on Monday but there is no access to reg ppl under me. Whenever I want to reg someone through my link, the capichat doesn’t allow me. What can I do.

    • contact me as i said earlier!

  252. I ve ppl to reg, but the system didn’t allow me to do so,how would I get paid? Pls help me oooo.

  253. I am a Ghanaian living here in my country, may I please now whether you have the company here and how can I join?

  254. I registered some one o n Sunday he was assigned to pay which he did n was confirmed.but since after that day he has not been able to log in to his account. What could that mean cos he wants to register people but cannot.?

  255. pls it been three weeks have paid12500to someone the system match me with but the system is not paying me back pls help me hooooo

  256. I paid since November 29th till know how can I long in to my account

  257. 3weeks now I’ve paid to someone and I’ve not received my payment yet please help me I’ve mails my sponsor BC his number is not there is this what I signed in for 3weeks and counting no calls no text or mail I know the site is back but atleast there should be something the system can do

  258. i paid since and i have not received any reply

  259. I have paid 12500 getting 2 one month BT HV not been merged

  260. Please ohhhhh my money is still hanging. I’v paid out to three different accounts cos I operate three accounts and i’v not been merged since October. On one of the account I was merged when I call the ppl that are meant to pay me they will say they are no longer using the account and the system hashould failed to purge out those names and refill it. The whole thing is messed up and fucked up.

  261. Have payed someone since November,have nt be pay till now

  262. i paid for over a
    month now not recieved yet

  263. Almost a month I registered and paid d 12500k.but I have not bn matched or bn sent a message. Pls do something.

  264. please I have being registered for a month and now. nothing is happening, when I’m getting my 50k.

  265. I have not been paid after having been registered for a month now.

  266. my dowline sponsor 3 person and the very account she open is to pay to 3 person including me and are dieect sponsor what shod i do is more than 24 hours the account is still in my matric and my dpwnline sponsor pls i need help

  267. Its been a month I registered and I have paid the person I was asked to pay but I have not received my own 50,000 please need that money

  268. this ultimate cycler, i dont understand it at all, since last month i have paid someone and confirmed my transaction, i have not been paired or matched with anybody to pay me. ultimate cycler founder should do something about his system before we start giving him everlasting curses.

  269. UC what’s happening I provided help since last month 22/11/16 to be pricise till now i have not be paid, I can’t stand this anymore, this is not what you promise, please do something before I run out of patience

    • what are you waiting for? run in to transformer nah! lolz! Man, go get newbies and enjoy like others!

  270. Place I don’t no why I can’t assess my site I need it pls

  271. i got registered by 30/12/2016, i made payment to my sponsor,as directed by the system since then after the breakdown i can’t even acess my uc accont again, the system is even telling me that my email is not valid, so wats my fate? someone should please help me ooooo

    • I fear you have to register again if the system cannot recognize your email but i advice you should first send complain to: or

    • Just go and register again! Save your strength! you can as well join my active team and enjoy like boss!

  272. Pls smone should help me. I registered 3 persons under me before the netwk issue, up till now non of tem paid me even the one that was matched to me. Hmmm am confused. Right now I can’t access my account anymore. Pls help

  273. pls I need my money

  274. I can’t login to my acct for d past two weeks that I should do robot registration

  275. I register since November last yr n uptil now i hv not been match with d ppl dat wll pay, na wa o…. n i can’t access my a/c

    • who are you waiting for? wakeup and find newbies to solve your matter!

  276. Pls i need a help. since last year december i register and pay in to someone the emerge me to pay into his account i hvant receive and money from and one they will emerge me to. pls what is going on. i cant access my acc now

  277. So ultimate cycle is fake I registered since last month and I register one person under me since them I never reserve any money but my player is if I no get my 12500 back that my money will bring suffering for anybody that have this site

  278. I registered myself n my children so as to get my capital back for my school fees yet I’ve not seen any payment, i had a lot of ppl to register but because of this,they all ran.they said until they see an evidence. Pls u guys should try n make it fast.

    • Your problem is solved! contact me immediately and get instantly because your case is over! Lucky you MA’AM! CONGRATS!

  279. Pls i cant login. It was telling me Robot registraton. What is the meaning? Pls tell me what to do to login.

  280. I was confirmed when I paid in money on 30th November, till date I cannot login, when will your stories stop or are gradually ending?.

  281. pls l some one to

    guide me a friend registered me since december but no money has been paid to me what do l do

    • get newbies to register on your link

  282. I just keep waiting

    • You can wait for ever and nothing will come out unless someone in your team is active. Wake up and get newbies so that you can smiles daily! stop being lazy.. No food for all these lazy people and the UC is not your problem rather yourself is!

  283. i pay my money since December and, nobody as pay me. what do i do

    • Inactive Team

    • Find 2 persons and i will tell you how you can be paid!

  284. Pls since two months now I can’t longin to my account what will I do

    • check that ”i’m not a robot” button and get rid of it. It might tell you to select building with store front. Just select them and click on next. when it checks with good symbol, then click login!

  285. if you people like block me but what I promise you people you will never go out with my money this company will pay it with pain I use all I have to open so shall you pay with all you have i like you do me now am not doing anything because of you Guy’s

  286. I can login and I have not be payed, are people a 419, if u people re real, make una pay me

    • They are very real! this is the best platform ever! read the site very well and watch UC videos and see how smooth you will make your money! Get only 2 persons and get paid instantly!

  287. please what happens if you register more than 5 people with your referal link? will they be linked to your downlines and their downlines or they will be paired with random people? please reply asap

  288. I heard that ultimatecycler has started paying but since Nov I have not being paid. Is the system still under maintenance?

    • The system is good! all you need is to get two persons only and contact me let me tell you how to do it and get paid instantly

  289. My money has been hanging since Nov that I registered n made payment to my upliner. Please, I need my money.Even if it is d ,12500 I put in. Now I can’t even login

  290. what a painful game, pls my fellow victims it has happened. let forgive them pls.

  291. Please I can’t log on to ultimate cycler

  292. Ultimate cycler is a really fraud

  293. ultimate cycler are fraud since Nov 2016 av registered wit 12500 and I still reg anoda person under dey find it difficult to pay and I don’t av access to my acct. u better find smtin to do b4 I go ………

  294. Pls I have registered and have paid to my upline since DEC last year and till now I have not been merged and can’t even have access to my alc what should I do

    • get just two newbies and you must be paid.. contact me once you have the newbies let me tell you what to do and get paid immediately.

  295. I register since December 2016 and I made a donation to my sponsor,but uptill now nobody has been merged with me to pay account is working fine pls what is the way forward here?

  296. I registered for almost two months and l have paid but l have not been merged with anyone in order to be paid. Please mama why the delay?

  297. Pls my money o.I registered since last yr nov.and I referred two people since then I have not seen my money.oo

  298. pls mr chukwuka u registered me under u I been waiting since to get my money back which type online business is this I beg u with God returne my money to me.

  299. Yet to be paid

  300. Trendy 1399

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