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Ultimate Cycler Website Has Crashed? Members Cannot Login

Ultimate Cycler Website  Has Crashed? Members Cannot Login

The rave of the moment currently in Nigeria is called Ultimate Cycler. After the extensive success of MMM Nigeria which promised to pay members  30% return of investment monthly, Ultimate Cycler has become the love child among Nigerians, promising to pay 300% return on investment withing 45 days.

Due to to heavy promised payout, the this particular ponzi scheme has gathered momentum especially  in the past two weeks.

The hook for Ultimate Cycler is this; sign up by paying N12,500 to a fellow member you registered under. When your donation has been confirmed, the Ultimate Cycler admin puts four people under you who will pay you N12,500 resulting in N50,000. In summary, pay N12,500 and get N50,000.

When you have four people under you, Ultimate Cycler bumps you up to the second level. In this stage, you will pay N25,000 from your N50,000 largess to a grade 2 member. After this, the system will put 16 people under you who will pay you N25,000. At this stage, your grand total will be N400,000.


Has many Nigerians troop to this new scheme, some even abandoning their first love MMM Nigeria, there seem to be a problem.

The website which is hosted at has been down. Members cannot login.

A visit at the website shows the following message:

Be right back.

We are currently updating the site to give you a more pleasurable experience and will be back online shortly.
Our update estimation is to be complete over the next 6 – 12 hours.
Thank you,
Peter Wolfing”
See Image
The says it is down for maintenance and will be back in 6 to 12 hours but it has been over 12 hours and that same message has been on!
Will Ultimate Cycler come back online?
The answer is yes! from a technical point of view, the teach team at Nigeria Today says it will be back.  Due to influx of people in large numbers over the past few days, the server must have been  overloaded causing the owners to shut it down until they can move to a bigger website that will accommodate the large traffic.
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  1. Is it true dat u have to register under somebody

  2. Let’s 4get all these stories when is it going to resume plz give us date.

  3. Is it true DAT members can’t login?

  4. Will people who have already paid their 12,500 receive their percentage since the server is having problem

  5. Please do correct thisnetwork error because I hv made a payment to some one.12500 please

  6. Cool down guys, it will come up, the admin cant afford to loose the huge number of people flowing in d site

  7. Pls wat do I do now cos Hv paid to someone and Hv not been confirmed.

  8. abeg how can I get my school feels money back since server I s doing like this

  9. This issue is discouraging a whole lot of people

  10. Pls when can someone got his money if one were unable to bring someone under him

  11. Pls sir when will this website be bk because some people made payment but have not been activated what can they do ad the 48hours given to them has reached ad gone because of the site. Sir pls can they still open it wenthe site will be OK. Or is the time going also since the system is not working well?? Sir pls reply me OK.

  12. Sir when will the website be OK. And wot of those dat have made payment but have not been activated because of this pdoblem will there time still be counting till now sir. If so what can we do about it Sir.


  14. pls will this site be opened shortly or will take a longer time. because I have paid money to someone n I ave not been confirmed. pls reply me

  15. I have paid money to someone and I registered someone under me they never paid me over two weeks now.

  16. does it mean ultimatecycler is a 419 site? coz alot of people invest in it plz sir peter wilfin help us abeg money no day oh

  17. just praying for it come back oo. country hard. nd people have started to blame me thinking i defrauded them of their money.

  18. I beg I felt sleep again I confuse someone to join and the person pay 12500 up till now the has not been confirmed. I also put in my house rent ant my let is expiring dis month. how long we it take Peter wolfing to upgrade his serve

  19. Is it true dat is have to registers under somebody I register without be under somebody now oooo?

  20. relax guys it would be back,becos we all need it……dat is to say even with the inventor……

  21. How can I get my money back

  22. Pls ooo, I don’t understand something, I paid under someone and the person told me its after 3weeks that I wil” receive it.pls I hope u reply back soon

  23. pls Oga Peter wolfing make u do sumtin abt it. we have been waiting patiently pple under us re complaining.

  24. D sit s back bt y pepl have not start paying

  25. pls do something sir I need my money to pay someone who I borrow the money from .

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