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While America Fusses Over Election Recounts, Maybe They Should Use Gambia’s Old School ‘Marble System’

I suppose there’s not a voting system on earth that someone won’t claim is rigged, and that word has been thrown around by Yankee politicians rather often this past month or so.

First it was the Donald, then it was Jill Stein and the Democrats joining in, and now it’s gone full circle back to Trump and those ‘illegal votes’ he talks about without a shred of actual proof.

You know, this tweet:


Of course he couldn’t help but quote his informed supporters:


What’s up D, can’t your ego handle the fact that Hillary now has a lead in the popular vote of 2,5 million?

If you want the full story of how that ‘three million illegal votes’ was gobbled up by Trump, despite the fact that it originated from a tweet by a little known former Republican party official in Texas, head over HERE for a great read.

Moving on to Gambia, because this right here is the real gem. The country headed to the polls yesterday, casting their votes by slipping marbles into a ballot drum.

More from QZ, who wrote the piece yesterday:

Gambia’s three presidential candidates, will have their photos and campaign symbols pasted on drums painted in their different colors. Votes for Yahya Jammeh, Gambia’s long-time president currently seeking a fifth five-year term, will be cast in a green painted drum. His challengers for the presidency, Adama Barrow and Mama Kandeh will get gray and purple painted drums respectively.


Seems like there’d be serious wiggle room for fraud, but the government has a plan:

To prevent voter fraud, electoral officers have put a few measures in place. Voters enter a private area and slip marbles into the drums of their preferred candidate. Once the marble is in, a bicycle bell attached to a tube inside the drum clangs signifying that a vote has been cast.

Also, in order to prevent confusion, bicycles are banned within 500 meters of the polling station. The measures have led president Jammeh to describe the system as being “fraud-proof.”

The system has actually been used, without much controversy, since 1965. That being said, some do fear that Yahya Jammeh might try his luck, having shut down certain internet services and banned EU election observers from overseeing things.

Where does this leave America? Well, it seems they’ve already lost their marbles so I guess we’ll watch that recount and see.


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