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The Medical Truth about the Neurodegenerative Effects of Aspartame in Diet Cokes

The Medical Truth about the Neurodegenerative Effects of Aspartame in Diet Cokes
About the verifiable truth regarding Diet Cokes and aspartame the
artificial sweetener, also found in all sugarless gums and in the table
coffee sweeteners as well, plus 6000 medications in the United States plus
12000 food products:

So, great, Yvette d’Entremont. You have had a short career of trying to
debunk bad science, but your own science is pretty bad itself.

For example, in your wild enthusiasm for Diet Coke, how do you deal with
the simple chemical fact that one of the main chemicals that it is
assimilated as is formaldehyde (the methyl ester turns to methanol, which
is then lodged in the RNA as formaldehyde). Do you want to drink a quart
or so formaldehyde? That would play havoc with your main illness, the
Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, according to Wikipedia, and I quote:

“When d’Entremont began to suffer what she described as “the worst
headache of my life”, which lasted for eight months, she tried various
remedies and attempted different diets, going vegan or all organic.
None of these things helped her, and she eventually got the right
diagnosis (Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome) and the right combination of
medicine for her condition”

Migraine headaches, according to the United States Food and Drug
Administration, is #1 on the list of 92 symptoms caused by aspartame, the
main sweetener in that Diet Coke you profess to love so much, and
aspartame was until 1995 the #1 food additive complained about to the US
FDA, until the Clinton White House ordered them to stop compiling and
tracking the complaints.

Your situation is really pretty hopeless, and unless you are some kind of
paid stooge for the aspartame and Diet Coke industry, I genuinely feel
sorry for you, because you are misled, but that gives you no right to
mislead others, especially those in Nigeria, one of the places this
article of yours showed up.

>>>>>>>>>>>For the readers of Nigeria Today who do in fact want the truth,
as grim as it may be, here are three articles, and one film to

Eat, Drink, and be Buried: Aspartame is a Carcinogen; California May Soon
Declare It as Such- National Health Federation

and: India Health Minister Asked To Reverse Aspartame Approval To Protect
1.25 Billion Indians, By Stephen Fox    12-22-16

My article which most pertains to African Nations and Aspartame:

The best film on aspartame:  Sweet Misery-a Poisoned World

These 3 articles plus watching the 90 minute film will set the record
straight. I am happy to list my email address for those who wish to ask
specific questions. I expect to in the next few days be sending
documentation to Nigeria’s Health Minister asking that Ministry to
rescind, revoke, and withdraw its approval for aspartame in your nation.


Stephen Fox
Mission Possible New Mexico
Santa Fe, New Mexico
[email protected]

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