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Awkies – The Moment Trump “Ignored” Merkel’s Request For A Handshake [Video]

A meeting between Donald Trump and Angela Merkel was always going to a tense affair, but the Donald ‘not hearing’ repeated requests for a handshake has grabbed headlines around the world.

Given that these cringeworthy photo ops almost always involve one it’s tough to believe, but take a look at the exchange and make your own mind up.

There was a handshake before outside the White House, and one later at another press briefing, but did Donald snub Angela below?

This from the Independent:

The gaffe was seen as another thorn in the side from Mr Trump following his negative comments about the country’s stance on immigration and trade deals throughout the election campaign.

In a joint press conference after the photo opp last week, the two leaders shared little common ground.

Mr Trump re-iterated that other countries needed to spend their “fair share” on Nato while Ms Merkel remained stony faced.

Germany’s largest-selling daily, Bild, reported that Mr Trump did not once look Ms Merkel in the eye once.

When pressed about the lack of handshake Sean Spicer, Press Secretary and general brown noser, said that he didn’t think Trump had heard the requests.

This tweet is pretty much on point – that’s him shaking hands with Obama, Trudeau and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, and rejecting Angela.

Let’s take a look at the reaction over in Germany courtesy of the New York Times:

“Not warm, but not distant,” wrote the left-leaning newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung in its online edition on Saturday.

“It could have been a lot worse,” Germany’s mass-circulation daily, Bild, wrote of the relationship that is the cornerstone of the NATO alliance and vital to global security…

“Once again, we’ve seen Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” said Sylke Tempel, the editor in chief of Internationale Politik, published by the German Council on Foreign Relations, remarking on the approach that Mr. Trump took during the leaders’ joint news conference on Friday.

“He was Mr. Jekyll while reading his statement, saying nice things about economic ties, his commitment to Ukraine, common friendship; all the niceties,” Ms. Tempel said. “Then, in the question-and-answer session, he’s his old self: disparaging the media, criticizing the British.”

Then there are the tweets that he sent out after the meeting:

More from the NYT:

Germans have been both fascinated and horrified by Mr. Trump’s willingness to ignore the strictures of diplomacy when dealing with foreign leaders. For example, he has castigated Ms. Merkel for allowing refugees to flow into Germany in 2015, and he has called into question post-World War II alliances, including NATO and the European Union. Germans have not been entirely sure what to make of him.

“One thing we can depend upon, that we saw yesterday: Donald Trump says what he wants,” Nikolaus Blome, deputy editor of Bild, wrote in its online edition. “He has predictable political interests. What he doesn’t have is a predictable way to pursue them.”

Ms. Tempel, of the German Council on Foreign Relations, said simply: “If this mission was really about getting a first impression, you got your first impression.”

I get the impression that Merkel and Trump won’t be rushing to organise another meeting anytime soon.


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