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This Local Company Will Help You Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

For many women, stretch marks are the bane of our existence.

When they first appear in a raw pink, red or purple and a slight indentation in your skin, you will probably have a little freak out.

But it’s all cool.

Although a result of rapid stretching of the skin that overcomes the dermis’ elasticity, stretch marks can form during pregnancy or rapid muscle growth and even appear as young as puberty.

The more you know about them, the more you can prevent them.

The Renewal Insitute are professionals when it comes to advising you on how to look after yourself – whether it’s your health, body or skin, and stretch marks are just one of those inevitable conditions that have none-surgical therapy solutions.

This, from Body Renewal:

Stretch marks occur in the dermis, the resilient middle layer that helps the skin retain its shape. No stretch marks will form as long as there is strong support within the dermis. Stretch marks can appear anywhere on the body, but are most likely to appear in places where larger amounts of fat are stored.

Most common places are the abdomen (especially near the belly-button), breasts, upper arms, underarms, thighs (both inner and outer), hips, and buttocks.

Posing no health risk, all that one will be left with after the colour has faded is a silvery-white hue – but before your stretch marks get to that, the latest and most effective way of treating them is Carboxy Therapy:

By introducing carbon dioxide into the dermis where the damage is, the body will respond as if there is an oxygen deficiency and increase blood flow to the area. This stimulates and initiates the healing response of the body which leads to a strengthened dermis which is exactly what you want; a healthy, stretch mark resistant skin.

When done on newer stretch marks, therapy is more effective, and on older stretch marks you may need a few more treatments.

Post pregnancy this can even be done on those stretch marks that may appear on the breasts without affecting breast feeding.

How much better does that make you feel?

Give Body Renewal a call now to set up a consultation, and their professionals will help you get your body summer ready through winter.

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I highly recommend dermelastic serum for new moms. My stretch marks are barely visible, not gone by any means, but not purple and prominent like they used to be!

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