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How to Turn a Girl On: Tips and Advice

How to Turn a Girl On: Tips and Advice

From the scientific point of view, women are as easily aroused as men, and the reasons why they want to have sex are not too different from men’s needs. Such techniques as compliments, a romantic atmosphere, keeping a distance, talking about sex, and even ignoring your girl a bit will help you kindle a serious passion in intimate relationships. We put together a list of 14 tips on how to turn a girl on, which will make any woman want to drag you into bed.

1) Scare her a little

Take a ride on a roller coaster or watch a horror movie together. Such little trick will cause a surge of adrenaline and push your potential partner closer to you.

2) Learn to master body language

Spend some time talking with the girl, using not only words but also the body language (look into her eyes, run your hand through your hair, that kind of thing). And if you did everything right, your companion would want to start taking your clothes off as soon as possible.

3) Try to seem a nice guy

If a woman’s into you, she’ll gladly drag you into bed when she gets the opportunity. Sometimes everything is that simple. So try not to be a jerk at least until you get what you want.

4) Say more compliments

If you made her an original compliment, she will surely feel more relaxed and comfortable with you, which, in its turn, will make her more approachable. You know what to do next, right?

5) Show her your body

Sometimes a woman loves you, and sometimes she just likes your body. It doesn’t matter whether you have press cubes or not, if your body type is her favorite, you’ll seem incredibly sexy to her. On the other hand, if she doesn’t like your body type, your chances of getting her into bed will fall.

6) Show her that you know how to kiss

Nothing makes a woman more open to the idea of having sex with a random guy than this guy’s ability to kiss. In the end, a kiss is a huge hint at what a man can do in bed. That’s why when it comes to kissing, try not to mess everything up.

7) Make her attracted to you

This is how it works: if a girl feels an emotional attachment to you, she wants to show how much she cares about you, that’s why she wants to have sex with you.

8) Give her some personal space

This method works in the long run. Just disappear for a while and return to your partner; this will definitely arouse her. Give her time to miss you a bit, and she will most likely be ready for a hot sex marathon when you meet again.

9) Talk about sex with her

That’s an obvious one. If you’re good at talking about sex without getting distracted from the discussion, it can turn a woman on and inspire her to feel eager to get to you in bed.

10) Be consistent

Don’t rush to drag the girl into bed; show that you can be trusted. Such things make a woman feel safe, and when she feels safe, her desire to have sex with you only increases.

11) The right atmosphere

When it comes to sensuality, the mood is everything. If you’re in a place with a romantic atmosphere, you can be sure that this atmosphere will do wonders to your potential partner’s sexual desires.

12) Make her curious about you

Women like to study men as test subjects when it comes to sexual relationships. If you find yourself with a lady who wants to play and explore, curiosity can become a thing that will arouse her.

13) Pretend that you’re not looking for sex

Talk to her on different topics and send her dozens of tricksy messages, but without a hint of sex. Such trick will make you more attractive to her.

14) Be with her at the right moment

If your potential partner is single, this means that she either broke up with her boyfriend recently or some time ago. In both cases, she’s burning with passion. Whatever the reason, just try to be at the right time in the right place.

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