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The Tender Trap – Men Fall Into It All Of The Time!

YOU’RE fired!’ It might be amusing when Donald Trump says it on The Apprentice, but it was no laughing matter when Joseph’s lover of only 12 months recently gave him the heave-ho quite unceremoniously. A lovely lawyer in his early 30s, I had always ribbed him to settle down soon by getting married. “I will wait for the right woman for as long as I have to,” he always assured me. “I’ve always wanted more of a one-on- one relationship than have one night flings. The way I was raised, it was very intimate between me, my parents and my siblings. That’s why I look for that same honesty and rapport with a woman. I take relationships very seriously. But I’d probably say my problem is that I jump into them a little too early. Some early relationships I ever got into started off with ‘you’re the only one for me.’

‘And then the male ego thing comes in because you might just find another woman attractive. You might stray as a result and that’s why I’ve learned that, until you’re ready to be monogamous, don’t take it to the next level. Just date and have fun. That’s what I’m having now until I find that one person who wants more than momentary pleasure’. He saw how amused I was by his little speech and gave me a `just you watch’ look. I didn’t have long to wait as he called excitedly, months later, that he’d found ‘the one’.  “She works with one of these mobile network providers and earns megabucks. Would you believe she belongs to two prestigious clubs paid for by her company? ….. On and on he babbled until he slowed down enough to ask when I would have the time to give ‘miss perfect’ the once-over. “You’re my favourite aunty and your approval matters to me,” he said when I hesitated.

So we agreed on a Sunday afternoon-lunch time. He was a couple of hours late and he apologized profusely, saying he had to wait for Susan, his girlfriend, to come back from the hair-dresser’s. I gave Susan a cursory look. Almost as tall as Joseph, she was pretty alright, in an extremely sophisticated way.

“Overdressed for a casual lunch date,” she greeted me enthusiastically, her every sentence ending with ma’am as if I were a formidable looking school principal. Joseph had graciously brought two bottles of very expensive red wine. “Susan loves this a lot,” he said as he looked at her as if she were one of the wonders of the world. He was all over her as we tucked into the spread I’d reheated on the dining table. She was a woman- of-the world, no doubt about it. A bit of a name-dropper, she knocked back the wine as if it was ordinary water. The more inebriated she got, the thriller her voice. But lover-boy just hung on her every word. It was a relief to see the back of her, believe me. But, I had cause to see her a few times either at parties, with Joseph hanging on her shirt, or on short visits to the family home. In all those times, I still had my misgivings but said nothing. Only a few months into the relationship, Joseph came into my office, looking as if he’d just been to the funeral of a close friend. He’d lost his sparkle and his clothes were as if he hadn’t bothered to iron them.

“I need some money, sis,” he said sadly. “Can you give me a loan?” Anticipating my next question, he continued: “My rent is due and Susan is yet to repay the loan she got from me,” loan?

How could he lend her money judging by the hefty salary and fringe- benefits she was getting from her super duper job? ‘She wasn’t the top official she said she was,” he said sadly, he was only personal assistant to one of the top shots”. Even then, I pointed out, she should be earning enough to look after herself. And to think she subscribed annually to those fancy clubs! “She never belonged to any of the clubs,” he said, embarrassed, “I didn’t know she was using her sister’s membership cards. She (the sister) married well and her husband put her name on his cards.

“I really thought she loved me. She was always eager to make love, eager to fall in line with my plans on top of which she was a smashing cook. I met her when I felt strongly that I’d reached the stage in my life where- I really wanted to find the right person and get married – so many of my friends seemed to be ‘doing it and I felt as if I was being left behind. I wanted someone who was intelligent, ambitious and good looking. Is that too much to ask?” Poor bloke! As a rule I seldom lend money, but the amount he needed to top up his rent wasn’t much, so I gave him the cheque.

“He was too heartbroken for me to tell him I wasn’t surprised Susan turned out to be a heartless gold digger. A lot of them abound these days and they’re so convincing you need to be a soothsayer to know which ones are genuine. And the sad bit is that girls like Susan are seldom heartbroken. They always have more than one man on the boil that when one relationship breaks, there’s always a replacement to step into an ex’s shoes. As Joseph got ready, to leave, I couldn’t help asking;  “Why lend Susan so much money if you suspected she couldn’t pay?” I didn’t suspect a thing at first” he replied sadly. “We’d planned that she should hold on to the payment due to me so we could celebrate her birthday in one of the neighbouring countries. I’d done that with an ex and it was quite enjoyable. Now I am skint and my financial plans are in ruins. This is going to be my bleakest year ever. And to think I was thinking of making her my wife. She must have had a good laugh at my expense .:”

Why is it that good guys get hurt more than cads? Sadly with falling in love, there are no safe-proof way of coming out unscathed.

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