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President Buhari Inspires us all

President Buhari Inspires us all

From the smilIng faces that stroll into the Presidential Villa everyday  to the Biafrian agitators scattered all over the Country and to those families that leave in fear of constant attack by uninformed neighbors, to the millions of unemployed graduates roaming our streets with no hope of tomorrow, President Buhari inspires us all.

Everyone of us is motivated by this great man, like him or hate him but one thing is sure,  we are in this situation because of him, after all, he is our President, the commander in chief of both the seen and unseen forces and the chief evangelist of change.

I am certain you are fully aware that the change is in full gear now,  if you have not experienced it, then someone you knew might have seen a little bit of it or some day in the future your children will experience this change because what we sow we will surely reap.

When this movement started a few years ago, “Sai baba” was a resounding chorus in many homes, from the far left to the mid right, the 97% as it was announced then dominated our headlines, we completely ignored the warning of the 3% and the results is left for history to decide.

I was shocked when I saw the poster.. “After healing come greatness, Vote Buhari for 2019” a few days ago in Abuja,  I wanted to ask “healing from what?” obviously the poster did not provide any details but the people who saw me starring at the posters for too long arrested me for questioning.

“Who are you?” the man in uniform asked. ” I’m a Nigerian,  is it a crime to stop and admire a beautiful poster?” I demanded answers.

“Who are you to question us? ” a slap brought back my senses and I pleaded for mercy. “I’m sorry for slapping you, it’s been a very hectic day, find us money for lunch?” That’s always the story, its been very hectic for some of us especially if you are unlucky not to have someone who knows someone that can connect you to someone who is someone within the who is who forum.

After one round of green bottles, I showed them my voters card and they Showed me theirs, honestly President Buhari has inspired all of us, 2019 will be historic, are you ready?


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