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Politricks 101: The Making of ‘Stomach Infrastructure

Fela Durotoye

The ideology of politricks is quite simple and straightforward : impoverish a blessed people and make them hungry and then give them a meal in exchange for their birthright to Prosper and Enjoy Good Success (PEGS).

Deal with them shrewdly, collect their land, and use the grains from their field to make one meal for their hungry (actually famished) soul so they can give you the land for free and offer to till the land for the next meal. What their poor hungry souls won’t realize is that they just traded their bakery for a slice of bread.
This is the mentality of the politricksters (aka Politricktians) and it far worse than the intent of the Colonial Masters and Slave Traders. This is so bad but guess what?  Neither the Politricked nor the Politricksters are the worst players in this horrendous ‘Game of Thrones’.

The real villains are the educated yet unenlightened, the rich in pocket but poor in soul, many of whom make up our so-called ‘Middle Class’. Why? Because they are the privileged, the educated and exposed  and hence they should know better than the poor and illiterate but say nothing to them but, worse still, do nothing more than tweet and post about just how bad the situation is.

We  the professionals, the entrepreneurs and those in the diaspora , we are the real villains in this game of Politricks because we are observers in the stadium of destiny, watching and screaming from the sidelines, running the best ‘commentary’ as the poor trade our collective future on the field of the ballot box. We laugh and shake our heads at ‘their’ ignorance while the Politricksters laugh at us The ‘Enlightened’ (The exposed immigrants who still consider a visa to a foreign land as a status symbol) . The Politricksters laugh at us as they pick up our medals from the hands of destiny.
In the end, EVERYONE loses; even the Politricksters as they now realise they have no safe place to hang their stolen medals.

No good roads to drive their flashy cars. No good schools to educate their children. They build walls so high, no one can see or admire their mansions and then use the law enforcement agencies to ‘protect’ themselves from the very people they choose to rule over.
With no sense of true security, these rulers opt to stash their cash in foreign lands, send their kids to foreign schools and pray they don’t come back to the land of dashed dreams they rule over. They steal more money to try to make up for the failing exchange rates and still steal more to get less to spend in places where their game of Politricks is forbidden.
And so we all play, sorry I mean pray that one day, God will send us a Deliverer from the hands of these Pharaohs. What we didn’t realise that God already sent us the deliverers hiding right inside our mirrors. Go ahead. Look inside your mirror and you will find one of our deliverers waiting to be activated by ONE DECISION to DO something . Do What? Well only to step on the field alongside The Poor and change the rules of the game of Politricks into the game of democracy.

The modern-day deliverer does not need a rod to defeat these Pharaohs. She (He) only needs a Permanent Voter Card (PVC) that must be stretched over the Ballot Box (our modern-day Red Sea) to take us to our Promised Land; a New Nigeria. I mean a Nigeria where things work; where everyone is working to make things work and we ALL Prosper and Enjoy Good Success. A Nigeria we all will be proud to call Home and our children will be grateful to receive from our generation. So after all is said, now all just needs to be done to get your PVC and deliver us from the hands of these rulers: the Pharaohs and the Politricksters.

Through our history, we have seen the emergence of rulers in positions of authority instead of leaders in positions of service. Rather than serve the people, rulers consider the people as their subjects who are meant to serve them and their interest. Rulers use the power of their position to oppress and make things difficult for their subjects (the people).
Rather than royal fathers, the system produced traditional rulers and afterwards, colonial masters who never came to serve the people, and thereafter, military rulers who came as overlords to oppress the people. And from military rule, we’ve experienced political rulers in a democratic framework.
True leaders make the lives of the people better; rulers make the lives of the people bitter. As long as we do not replace the system of rulers, we will continue to experience the so called failure of leadership. The system is the problem!

All across the world, Nigerians are doing great things and excelling in leadership positions. So the world cannot understand how a nation like Nigeria that is blessed with such brilliant, talented, hardworking and excellent people can have such quality of people in the positions of power. The world cannot understand why our brightest and best who have the privilege of education and exposure are not actively engaged in the service of their own people and most importantly, the world cannot understand how we have consistently filled our leadership positions with rulers.
But we can change this negative paradigm. We can re-write our history. That is why God will bless you as you take action to buy back our priceless future and invaluable destiny with your free PVC.

Cheers to our collective success.
–Durotoye, a leadership coach and pan-Nigerianist, wrote in from Lagos. 

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