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Inside The Eastern Cape Cop Killing Cult And Their ‘Sex Slave Wives’

It’s been a little over two weeks since the Eastern Cape police freed “100 sex slaves”, as well as babies, from a cult’s headquarters after a shootout that left seven people dead – but the latest revelations, excuse the pun, are even more astounding.

When the police took away the young women and girls for questioning, they immediately asked to be allowed to grieve after “losing their husbands”.

Read about what went down here.

You see, it has emerged that the women freed from the Mancoba Seven Angels Ministry were actually “wives”, and felt “honoured” when it was their turn to provide the leaders – who murdered five officers at the local police station – with sexual satisfaction, reports News24.

Now, a commission of inquiry into the Ngcobo massacre is on the cards:

City Press has learnt that the CRL Rights Commission will meet Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs Minister Zweli Mkhize tomorrow, to table a resolution for a commission of inquiry.

On Friday, the commission will meet police in Limpopo, where six cult-like churches similar to the Mancoba Seven Angels Ministry have been identified.


So what have they discovered about the Mancoba Seven Angels Ministry? Well, at least 40 of the freed women were under the age of 25, and they didn’t believe they had been abused:

“We have identified underage girls, some 15 years old and they have had sex with the Mancoba men,” the official said. Some of the girls were believed to have had sex with the Mancoba brothers since the age of 12.

“We are working with them one by one and trying to get as much information from them, so we can establish how old they were when they were first made to have sexual intercourse with these men.”

The official painted a picture of a group of women and girls who were groomed to accept the cult’s sexual practices as their way of life.

“Even though they were very secretive and arrogant initially, with the help of social workers and relevant social services, we were able to make a breakthrough.”

Then, get this: 10 of the babies and toddlers taken with the wives had been fathered by one Mancoba brother, while some of the other children were linked to the other brothers:

“As and when it pleases the brothers, they would call the girls to provide sexual favours to them. Even though they had their own wives, they still wanted to sleep with these girls and the girls take pride in providing their bodies for the pleasure of these men.”

“From what they said, they did not even question why they would not be called back or why the men would go back to their wives the following day,” the official said.

“They just felt honoured to have been the best among the rest, for that specific night. They see nothing wrong with being lined up and used for the sexual satisfaction of their leaders. This is typical of groomed minds. It is all normal to them.”

And to be a wife was a massive deal; wives received special treatment, and lived in one of the 10 shanty structures on the compound that was cleaner than the rest:

“The space they used was cleaner, had good beds. It was more orderly and they dressed better. They each had one or two toddlers linked to them directly.”

Now, while some have been reunited with their families, others have been placed in places of safety across the Eastern Cape’s Chris Hani District:

“A number of them came from Cape Town, so we bought them bus tickets so they could go back to their homes,” he said.

Surely these women need to receive some mental health treatment, before they can be released?


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