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Nigeria needs restructuring, not elections

The only way for Nigeria
to get out of the current
catastrophe that they have
complained so much about,
is through the restructuring
of the polity, to return to
true federalism as was
practiced before the military
interventions of 1966. The
middle belt and the south
should boycott the elections
because there is no choice
to be made. So far all the
potential candidates for
both APC and PDP are
Fulanis. Some of them
talk about restructuring
but none of them has said
exactly how he intends to
restructure Nigeria. The
same Fulani say they own
Nigeria which they claim
was given to them by God.
Nigerians should
therefore wake up from
their slumber and ask for
the immediate restructuring
of the country. It is also time
to close ranks. It is time
for all southern traditional
and political leaders to rise
and hold a southern and
middle belt meeting on
restructuring immediately.
A communique from such
a strategic meeting should
aim to: boycott elections
for the ethnic groups in the
middle belt and the south;
demand restructuring along
the six geo-political zonal
lines – where resides viable
political and economic units
– away from the resources
being stolen in unviable
states that neither support
themselves politically nor
economically. Thirdly,
resource control should
be embraced so that states
can take advantage of
resources that abound in
their territories. State Police
should also be introduced
for the federating units. So
far, Nigeria has put the geopolitical
zones to good trial
and pointers show that the
zones are workable political
units. These structures can
bring good border control
and efficient resource use.
Having only six federating
units will cut down
drastically, the total Nigeria recurrent expenditure, leaving
significant resources for
capital expenditure needed
to develop Nigeria, instead of
the status quo of mortgaging
the country to the Chinese and
the West through the taking
of huge loans that do not
support the manufacturing
base needed to create jobs and
prime the economy. Those
advocating for the current 36
states as the federating units
should understand that it is
not sustainable because it is
no different from the status
quo which has heaped big
recurrent expenditure that we
have today.
A meeting of the middle belt
and southern traditional and
political leaders, particularly
the governors, is urgently
needed. The northern
governors last week held
a meeting with the lawless
Miyetti Allah: therefore the
southern governors need to
wake up and meet to discuss
the current unfortunate events
in Nigeria and map out a line
of action, NOT just talking as
it were. Although there have
been two conferences by the
mentioned parties in Enugu
and Bayelsa, there is the need
for the group to meet a third
time to back their rhetoric
with meaningful action. They
should issue a communique
after their meeting to boycott
the next presidential election,
until after restructuring, since
there is no choice to be made
in the so-called election.
Lastly, the southern and
middle belt traditional and
political leaders’ summit
should send delegations to
Russia and China to match
the support that Britain and
the U.S give the Fulanis in the
massacres of innocent people.
If this is not done, the south
and the middle belt would be
An analysis of the status
quo today in Nigeria
confirms that there is no
security and that the war to
Islamise Nigeria has already
started. So bad is the security
situation that former defence
minister, Gen Theophilus
Danjuma warned that the
Nigerian Army is aiding
and abetting the deplorable
slaughter of innocent citizens
and cautioned that unless
Nigerians rose up to defend
By Leke Agbarin-Agba
On another
note, he said
he came
to fight
but ended up
showing that
he is more
corrupt than
the previous
which he
and continues
to condemn
with relish themselves, they will be killed
“one by one”. People are
being slaughtered everyday
by foreign Fulani troops
who infiltrate Nigeria’s
porous borders with ease
and aided by their Nigerian
counterparts. In reality, a war
foisted and waged by Fulani
invaders who are killing
innocent people in every
corner of Nigeria, has already
started and claimed the lives
of thousands of innocent
farmers, women and children
across Nigeria.
In the face of all the killings,
what is the reaction of the
Nigerian presidency? Victims
and survivors are told to
neither defend themselves nor
talk about their plight. This
is facilitated by the Federal
government’s strategy of
disarming vigilante groups
standing up to defend their
people. Added to that, fighters
of the deadly boko haram
are not only being released
in their large numbers and
unleashed on defenceless
citizens, they are being
absorbed into the army and
heavily compensated each
time they release school girls
that they abduct as sex slaves
at will.
On the political front, the
candidates for the major
political parties – the All
Peoples Congress, APC,
and Peoples Democratic
Party, PDP, – are all Fulanis.
Incumbent President,
Muhammadu Buhari,
former Vice President,
Atiku Abubakar, former
governors Rabiu Kwankwaso
and Sule Lamido are the
major contenders. These
same candidates have been mouthing “restructuring”
of the polity without clarity
or action on what manner of
restructuring they want for
Nigeria. The long and short
of it is that the restructuring
chatter is another cunning
strategy to get to power and
be no different from the ruling
APC that made the same
noise in its manifesto. This
is the reason why so many
Nigerians believe that there
should be no election because
whether the APC or PDP
wins, the Fulani will continue
from where the previous
Fulani dictator left behind.
Today, Buhari has messed
up the erstwhile robust
economy that he inherited. On
another note, he said he came
to fight corruption but ended
up showing that he is more
corrupt than the previous
administration which he
condemned and continues
to condemn with relish.
He started by prosecuting
members of the opposition
for allegedly spending $2.1
billion to prosecute the 2015
election – Dasuki, Metu, FFK
to mention but a few. In the
process of the show trials
that ensued, he broke all
Nigerian laws ignoring
due court process. The
same government have
taken $25 billion from the
Nigeria National Petroleum
Corporation, NNPC, coffers
via fictitious contracts
and hushed the House
of Representatives from
investigating the scandal,
flouted the rights of both
the National Assembly and
that of the judiciary and
disobeyed the laws of the
land in all ramifications.
Since the inception of
the administration, the
economy has been badly
managed and is currently
under distress. The Secretary
to the Government of the
Federation was engulfed
in a widely reported case
of corruption that raised
so much dust and only got
removed after much public
pressure. The Mainagate
was no different. Yet, the
presidency exceeded its
powers – arrested judges,
bastardised government
and governance. Nepotism
came home to roost at the
Aso Rock Villa, the seat of
power. Nigeria then left
democracy and embraced
autocracy and an extreme
form of dictatorship
better described by Junaid
Mohammed as government
by Buhari and his relations.
People cried out over the
glaring nepotism and
Buhari said he was going
to address the lopsided
appointments but never did
till date. The result is that
Nigeria’s democracy is dead
and the country is being run
like Saudi Arabia and the
United Arab Emirates by
Buhari and his relations.
Enough is enough. The
middle belt and the South
should free themselves now.
It will be too late if they
wait for the February 2019
election because judging
by the released registered
voters list, the election has
already been rigged and
like stated earlier, there is
no choice to be made in the

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