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11 most popular kissing styles and what they say about your relationship

Kissing is such an important part of our relationships that people come up with many different ways to kiss.

According to psychologists, each type of kiss can reveal a lot about the kissing pair!

1. The single-lip kiss.

This kiss shares experience and pleasure. Whether an old or a new love, this is a bond you want to continue.

2. The cheek kiss.

This kiss can reveal friendship or affection. This is about a true fondness that conveys the message: “I like you.”

3. The closed mouth kiss.

It shows that you are not quite 100% comfortable with one another yet. In a longer relationship, this kiss could be a sign that your communication needs to be improved.

4. The french kiss.

This kiss is all about exploration. It shows that one person wants to know the other person even more, on a deeper level.

5. The Spiderman kiss.

It is all about spontaneity. Whether new or old love, you keep finding new ways to express your feelings.

6. The nibble kiss.

This kiss shows a passion that is often best expressed physically. You likely have a healthy sex life and don’t mind being a little rough with each other.

7. The gentle kiss.

The gentle kiss is believed to be about anticipation, teasing and delayed gratification, indicating a deep level of comfort.

8. The angel kiss.

It is about protection and a strong sense of trust. One person lightly kisses the other on the eyelid while they are sleeping, as a reminder that someone is caring about them.

9. The sloppy kiss.

It is one that is all about sexual energy. One shouldn’t be surprised if this kiss quickly leads to the bedroom.

10. The peck.

The peck is about testing each other out. If there is a spark, it may lead to a different kind of kiss altogether.

11. The butterfly kiss.

This one doesn’t involve the lips at all. Two people put their eyes as close together as possible and flutter their eyelids against one another’s. This kiss shows an excitement and newness of your young love.

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