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I Once Rejected A Lesbian Role – Dupe Sanni

Dupe Sanni is an actress who started as a make-up artist in the movie industry. In this interview with SAMUEL ABULUDE, the graduate of Economics who’s from a family of six speaks on her foray into Nollywood and why she’s not desperate for stardom.

As a Make-up artist, how did you start acting?

What really prompt me into the filmmaking world is the comments of people around me. They said I’ll make a good actress. Though I have flair for acting since I was young but I wasn’t encouraged to go for it. After I was motivated to try acting, I started going for different auditions and later I fell in love with acting.

Are you a trained make-up artist?

As you can see my face, I love art, I love dressing people up. I started it as a professional make-up artist and I worked with Emirate Media Company located at Ikeja, Lagos.

How was it like on the first time facing camera for movie role?

Though, it wasn’t easy and I was not even auditioned to take a major in the film. The director called me to be part of a small role unit, and that how the journey started. The name of the movie was ‘The funeral’. The second movie that I went for the audition, though I was quite nervous, I was picked. It wasn’t really easy because I have gone for several auditions but I wasn’t picked. Though I was not popular, but I felt Nollywood shouldn’t be about the money, but ability to be able to pass the message across to your audience and also to note that they should look at you because of the particular role you play. I remember a director asked me if I could play the role of a lesbian, but I rejected it.

But if you have taken the lesbian role, that would have shot you into fame?

Probably yes, but I am not bothered about that because you have to be able to define your own style and not just about doing any role because my own personality matters a lot.

Is it because you don’t have passion for acting, make you select role to play or because you fell in love with acting?

No, it isn’t because of that, I have always had the interest but I don’t have the courage to go for it, but when I got the opportunity I just grab it and I fell in love with it.

How did you feel being featured in couples of the Nollywood movies?

I feel good and find it interesting, though it is very competitive and you have to keep on trying until you get there.

The name of last movie I acted in is tilted ‘After Dark’, the experience was fun, though very stressful but you must have passion for it for you to enjoy it.

It’s like you are making more money in acting than being a make-up artist?

Laughs… money ke? many people don’t know that sometime, you don’t have to look at the financial aspect, but you must look up to be successful, because sometimes you get peanuts.

So you have dumped make-up business for acting?

Not really, I do it as they come, but basically I do more acting than make-up jobs.

Who is your role model in the movie industry?

Omotola, because of her charisma, I love everything about her and I am looking forward to the day I will get a role to along with her.

What about life on set and off set?

Actually I am not really popular yet and I can say much about the off-set; but on set, life has been really good to me, and I give thanks to God.

Do you think you will be financially okay if you take acting as a career?

I am open to all roles in acting, though I studied Economics because I love reading and I want to be able to touch all sectors.

You earlier said that you turn down a controversial role of a lesbian, what role do you think can bring you to limelight?

I believe when God want to lift you up, it does not cost him anything to do that. We have all read the story of Olajumoke; the bread seller, who is now a well known super model. I believe I am not too hungry for fame, so long as I can be able to interpret my roles very well.

Despite your love for art, if you are not artiste or make-up artist, what will you be doing?

(Laughs) maybe I’ll be a dancer, but I don’t like dancing for people, love dancing in a private environment.

Do you keep friends in the industry?

I have cordial relationship with everybody. I can’t say I have friends in the industry and I don’t have beef with anybody in the industry either.

Who do you want to work with in the Nollywood?

Probably Odunlade Adekola, I have not actually met him but there are some actors that will always bring the best in you anytime you are on set with them. I think I’ll love to work with Odunlade because he is a very good actor.

Can you tell us about your growing up?

I was born and brought up Lagos, I had my primary school in Lagos Island, Police Children School and I later to Kwara State for my secondary school before coming to Lagos. I attended Lagos State University doing Part-time program from there I left to Osun State to attend Oduduwa University.

Have you ever experience a producer or a director say to you to exchange your body for a role in a movie?

Something its likes that in the industry, but they won’t put it straight to you because they are very careful but it is not as bad as you think.

You know it is not easy getting a role in the industry especially with the male film makers?

It is in every sector; banking, oil and gas. But in the movie industry, you have a choice to move on to another producer or director if one is telling you to give out your body for a role. We have so many producers nowadays. Nobody will ever force you to do what you don’t want to do. It’s happening in every sector and not just the movie industry.

Tell us about your relationship, single or married?

I won’t say anything about it but i’m single and searching.

Can you do a romantic role in a movie?

Yes because it is not what you people see that happen in a movie

What is the reaction of your family members to your role in movie?

My father is a bit reserved about me acting because of what he has been hearing about what people do in the industry.


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