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Lamentation Period Is Over, It’s Time For Serious Business


Lamentation, lamentation!! Is that why we are here on earth? Nigerians are always complaining and their complaints are always genuine because nothing seems to be working despite the abundance of human and material resources. We move from one crisis to another. Just imagine the abundance of oil in our dear country and its cheapness in the international market, yet the commodity is so scarce that a litre is now costing about N250 in Yola.

Power supply is very epilectic and despite the harsh whether condition with the temperature reaching as far as 44c in Yola. This is despite the fact that we have raw resources that will generate not only enough electricity for  our local consumption, but even for export. There is the inexhaustive coal and gas; there is the plenty of rivers to generate hydro electricity; there is plenty of  sunshine that could be converted to solar energy and there is more than enough uranium buried under ground and yet to be tapped that could be exploited and be used for power supply.

Here we are as the largest economy in Africa with everything upside down, low industrial growth, dearth of infrastructural and social amenities, food crisis occasioned by inability to utilise our vast arable land that could produce anything under the sun. There is also the saturated labour market breeding social vices such as insurgency, kidnapping, militancy, armed robbery etc.

Each time we have a new leadership in place, Nigerians get excited that things could change positively, but instead things get worse.

All hope is however not lost as some of our industrialists are set to give the nation  a ray of hope. The combined efforts of Dangote and Bua in terms of local production of cement has taken the importation of cement from our shelves that was consuming hundreds of  billions of naira annually of foreign reserves. By the time all the cement plants of Dangote and Bua come on stream, Nigeria will be a net exporter of cement, thus  generating the  much sought after foreign exchange and further decongesting the saturated labour market..

The combined efforts of Dangote, Bua and others  will by 2020 totally remove  sugar from the importation shelves. Already Dangote has refurbished, expanded the Savannah Sugar Company in Numan. When the company reaches its maximum capacity, it will produce 250,000 metric tons of sugar annually. This will be replicated in other proposed projects in Taraba, Jigawa, Kebbi, Niger, Kwara and Kogi.

When all these are in place, Dangote projects alone will produce 1.5million tons of sugar annually. That will be enough for local consumption and even for exports. Although Bua projects are just taking off, the management of Bua Group has promised to meet its target and by 2020  it will be producing 1.2million tons annually. When you juxtapose these efforts with the sum of $500m spent annually on the importation of sugar,  we should definitely appreciate the efforts  these great Nigerian entrepreneurs are putting in to change the socio economic landscape of the country.

The third major Nigerian  entrepreneur doing a lot to change the productive capacity of the country is Mike Adenuga. His GLO company is the second largest GSM company in Nigeria with over 25m subscribers. The interesting  thing about this company is 100% owned by a Nigerian, Mike Adenuga.

It’s entire capital base is N120billion. It provides hundred of thousands of direct jobs while it offers millions of indirect jobs. In addition to being a major player in telecommunication, Adenuga is also involved in crude oil production, arguably the only Nigerian involved in  upstream sector of oil business thereby contributing in reducing capital flight.

Mike Adenuga’s oil company at its peak produces 11, 000 barrels of oil per day and it is envisaged that by 2018, it will produce up to 60,000 barrels per day. Thanks Adenuga for your patriotic zeal, taking risk by getting involved in a highly technical and skillful business, an exclusive preserve of the foreigners. May God bless you for providing skill and semi skill jobs for hundreds of thousands of your fellow compatriots.

One critical area that has completely depleted our foreign reserves and made us  a laughing stock in the comity of nations is despite being the 6th largest producer of oil ,we are one of the major importers of refined oil.

In 2018, Dangote will change that picture. By the time his 650,000 barrels per day capacity refinery in Lekki comes on stream, Nigeria will be self reliant in petroleum products  and will be able to export some. In one swoop, the efforts of Dangote will remove from our import bill  the whopping sum of N1.5 trillion, being the annual amount expended on importation of petroleum products.

If only the leadership of the country will be resolute in providing the basic infrastructure ie roads, rail, efficient and effective sea and airports, efficient and adequate supply of power and most importantly putting in place sound economic policies that will propel economic growth, the trio of these patriotic Nigerians and others will contribute immensely to socio- economic transformation of this country that is yet to exploit 30% of its potentials.

I don’t want to sound like John the Baptist who sent emissary to Jesus that” are you the Messiah we have been expecting, or should we keep looking for someone  else (Matt: 11:3).” Is PMB the Messiah we have been waiting for? Only time will tell.

We have been waiting for too long for a Messiah in this country. It’s now or never. All hands should therefore  be on deck for the leadership to provide honest and effective leadership and for the led to key in by being productive and supportive. We should borrow a leaf from the Dangotes, the Buas, the Adenugas who are working extra hard to turn around the fortunes of the country. It’s now left for us, the leadership and the led to do the needful.   A stitch in time saves nine.

—    Fwa sent in this piece from the Ministry of Information.

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