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Readers’ feedback day

[email protected] 08055001948

THE first line that came to mind reading you is ‘when will you sheath (sic) your sword’. It has be­come queerly uncharacteristic of you in recent time (sic) to be overly (sic) abusive, caustic and potently (sic) bitter in your write ups (sic). From your ordeal in the hands of the outgone administration which took you so long to get over (cant (sic) say if you have forgiven) and saw the most caustic writeups (sic) I have ever read in a newspaper, to the pres­ent ‘robbery’ of your principal, you appear to be too pent up with bile and spilling over. I guess that encounter must have done so much damage to you that it almost gave you a different personality. But men do get over adverse situation (sic) if only for their own well being (sic).
To the current matter (sic) would you have taken the same position if what the INEC RO did was (sic) to Mr. Kalu’s advantage to wit, reversing him­self to announce him as the winner of that election? Or were you expecting the Kogi logjam and the lack of courage of the RO there to reverse himself and do the right thing?
Im (sic) shocked at what you expect the Abia leaders and the entire populace to do just because Mr. Kalu lost an election. To end the world or un­leash terror on themselves? (sic)
You said what happened in the rerun wouldnt (sic) have happened in the south west without reprisals. I am sure you are conversant with what has now be­come the Ekitigate but the heavens have not fallen since then. The south westerners have since quit that era foisted on them by reactionary forces that propped up your principal for eight years of his regime before things fell apart. It is also so interesting that the PDP is now populated by demons imported into the party since your principal left. I guess if “credible elders, genuine patriots and defenders of democracy have been compromised beyond redemption” in Abia State in this election (sic) it would not be the first time. It may date back to 1999: remember Orji Kalu even won an election for his protege while in prison. I guess the chicken has come home to roost.
Going by the reports of the March 5 rerun, nothing happened out of the ordinary that should necessitate the federal government to STOP WORK and relocate to Umuahia to fight the demons that once worked in your favour. What the country needs is a holistic ap­proach to and concerted effort at bailing our convolut­ed democracy and electioneering process, from Abia to Zamfara without anyone raising any unnecesary hell or what you call Mr. Orji Kalu’s “quintessential capacity, competency, illimitable resources and ‘na­tional/supranational clout/contact/network’ to beat them….” Haba because of a senatorial seat! (sic) Well its (sic) gratifying to note that the contestant is a con­sumate (sic) politician and businessman who would not empty his arsenal for this one business gone bad.
He knows too much to do that. Thats (sic) what keep (sic) him ahead of his game for decades. Is it not also taking this loss too far to say that because of what happened in Abia the Buhari administration’s “fight against other forms of corruption will not succeed”. There must be a decent limit to the pains of any loss either personal or proxy. Thats (sic) where the heal­ing process begins. Mr Wabara it will also be good to see you back to the good days of detecting our com­mon mistakes in English than all this political talk that brings out the worst in you. That is more altruistic. My opinion. Regards kanmi Toye <[email protected]>
I was surprised to read the obviously jaundiced comment by Steve Osuji. How many places does he know in Abia? The former governor was really a nuisance in every material particular. I am from Abia State and amazed by the level of underdevel­opment in that state. The governor and his son be­came a thorn in the lives of citizens who disagreed with them. Time will tell their place in the history of that state. Chijioke Uwasomba, Lecturer, OAU, Ife, 08037058775
EBERE, thanks for the “Abia North rerun ban­ditry” on the back page of Daily Sun of March 10, 2016. It is most unfortunate that these things are happening in 2016 in our noble nation. I am of the belief that if the FG remains nonchalant to these de­spicable acts, then concerned Abians may resort to self-help as the people of Ondo State many years ago. Thanks for your efforts. Dr. Dan Nwogbo, Abuja, 08035993222
HONESTLY, one really smells a rat over the margin between what Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu scored and Mao Ohuabunwa’s. It leaves much to be desired. Thank you for the piece. Dr. Maurice Umeakuka, Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra State, 08063328580
MY dear Wabara, may God continue to protect you, an agent of truth and honesty. What hap­pened in Abia North on March 5, 2016, is un­speakable. They cannot dwarf our giant (Dr. Orji Kalu) with their criminality. God be with you. Keycee E., 08037600678
EBERE, nice piece, but your grammar is too much. Dr. Kalu remains our hero whether they like it or not. Time will tell. Kingsley Ezikeoha, 08033047246
OUK is my old boy. Let him leave this senate issue. We are hoping that he is the Nigerian Igbo president. Let him focus on his businesses for now. He is a big masquerader in Igboland. OUK is a kingmaker. Let him leave Abia North for now. Chief J. C. Uwaga, 08033130464
EBERE Wabara, my brother, I salute you and your courage. Your write-up of January 25, 2016, entitled “Abia: The Ukwa-Ngwa tragedy” I have just read today. What a shame on me. I am always in search of your publications. This very one is a collector’s item. It is well written and straight to the point. Facts that had been hidden for long. I wish you well. God bless you.
Austine Ibeka Esq., 08022910221
MY dear son, I thank you very much for what you wrote about “The Ukwa-Ngwa tragedy”. I am from Azueke Ndume in Umuahia North LGA. I married from Isiala Ngwa South LGA. You said the truth. How my inlaws cannot recognize the warning sign baffles me. I told them to carry Ukwa people along in everything they are doing. They cannot do anything without Ukwa people and vice versa.
Oluoha Paul Chukwuemeka, 08138610597
I am excited with your write-up as it affects the Ukwa clan. Ukwa-Ngwa only comes to existence when an Ngwa person is seeking a political position and after that, it will change from Ukwa-Ngwa to Oha Ngwa, thereby abandoning the Ukwa people. If anyone is seeking equity, he should come with clean hands. How can the governor and one of the three senators representing the state come from the same kindred? What then is left for Ukwa people? (08066769994)
YOU have a better understanding of what is hap­pening in Abia and the level of mess the state has sunk to, as against the paid and sponsored articles from your colleagues just for peanuts. Keep up the support for the liberation of Abia. God bless you. Prince Nwosu, 08077916014
FOR speaking the truth always despite intimida­tion, God will continually uphold you in all your travails against deception. You are indeed our own ‘John the Baptist’. Chief Samuel Ogba, 9, Godmon Omonua, Okota, Isolo, Lagos, 08053127806

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