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Top 3 lies Nigerian men tell their women

Have you ever been lied to by your man to the point you want to remove your wig and just scatter everywhere while shouting ‘hnmm Mr liar liar’!?

Lol. It happened to me few years back while I was a youth corps member in Akwa Ibom state. I decided to finally go on a date with Mr. Dennis who we’ve been talking for a while and had been asking me out. He seemed cool but there was something I couldn’t place about him. But then, he was persistent, so I agreed on going out with him on a Friday.


About an hour to the agreed time on the fateful day, he called me asking if we could meet at another eatery which is on the other side of Uyo. Sadly (or maybe fortunately for me), I was already close to the eatery, so I just entered and decided to chill for him till he calls me that he is at a new venue (which was supposed to be in like one hour. But I got to the old venue because I needed to meet with one of my friends at the old venue an hour before my date with Dennis).

Well, my supposed date walked in into the eatery I was (the old venue for our date) with a woman who looked so much like his wife and two other kids. I went over to their table and complimented the two beautiful kids and their mum said thank you to me with their dad (my date) also smiling as if he didn’t have an idea who I was! The rest was history as he did not call my phone after that time. I do not even know what made me say hi to the children but maybe because I just wanted to show him that ‘I have seen his real face ooh’. Lol

All men lie, just like women but we will like to look at few lies men tell their women in Nigeria.

I am single

The above lie can be rated the foremost lie you get to hear from Nigerian men. A man with twin babies in his house with a beautiful wife will still come to you and psyche you with the ‘I am single, don’t be deceived by my look’ line. He can look serious, promise you heaven on earth just to get whatever he wants.

It is not just sex

Most Nigerian men say this just to dissuade all red flags from the woman’s mind. This line gets unsuspecting ladies comfortable and most times it is always too late before she realizes that it is actually about sex. Martins, a 28-year-old banker said: : “I tell women this before we get intimate. No woman wants to feel used so I try to convince them it’s not just sex I want from them. But most times, it is, at least in the beginning.”

I can never lie to you

Hehe! If you hear this from a man, just run..because he just lied! Nigerian men get to cover up their excesses with this line. He at one point or the other must have lied to you..maybe to make you feel cool. Even if he hasn’t done it, he will still do, so do not be too relaxed.

Have you ever been lied to before by a man? Can you share your experience? Dear men, why do you lie to our ladies?


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