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What Nollywod star said about marriage, acting nude and more

– Nigerian movie star, Susan Peters, speaks on how marriage has influenced her career 

– Adds that although she will carry on acting regardless of her new status there are certain roles she can no longer play

– She also gives her two cents on the issue of piracy and measures for its control

Nollywood actress Susan Peters recently spoke with The Nation on life as a married woman and some of the things she has had to do away with as a result of her new status.

She also spoke on areas that need adjusting in the Nigerian movie industry for more success to be recorded.

She said of marriage and what’s changed about her ever since: “It is a different thing entirely. The things I used to do as a single lady, I can’t do them anymore.

“The normal things you want to do as a single lady, you can’t do it because people will talk. People will say she’s married. So I tend to be cautious when I do anything at all.”

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Susan also harped on how marriage has changed her physical look.

She said: I’m just adding weight. I don’t understand,” amid laughs.

Susan Peters and Dutch husband Dr. Croon.

Susan Peters and Dutch husband Dr. Croon.

On Nollywood and its growth thus far, even though she spoke highly of the movie industry, she still had few criticisms.

She said: “Honestly, I will give Nollywood credit because even before I joined the industry, we looked up to actors that started it. Now, as the days go by, we keep growing. We are no longer in it for the money but for the recognition. You feel delighted when your movie is nominated and you actually win an award. And even if you don’t win, the fact that you get nominated, it’s a win for me.

“So I give Nollywood credit. There are still some lapses. We need not to cut corners so that we can actually achieve. If you have a low budget movie and you know you don’t have enough money to shoot it, then don’t shoot it instead of taking people on set and putting them into slavery. That’s what I think. People should actually get their budget properly done and then they get their movie done because we as workers should get paid. Even the bible says that a labourer should get paid for wages. It’s in the bible.”

Following her statement about actors being put into slavery she seemed to be saying actors get owed on some occasions after shooting. But in response to that she said:

“They do not owe me but there are lots of stories about people who go on set and they don’t get paid or they have to do some other things to get on the job. That’s totally wrong. Those are the areas I think should be checked.”

On whether her recent marriage will change her roles in movies owing to pressures from her husband she explained that he met her as an actress before they took their affair to the next level hence she expects his full support afterwards.

She said: “I’m an actress. My husband met me in the job so he should support the job. It doesn’t change me doing what I used to do. The only thing is, there are some other things I would not do the way I used to when I was a single lady. That’s it. But every other thing about my job still stays as it is. I take the same roles I take before.”

She however stated expressly that acting nude is a no-no for her.

She said: “I have never acted nude. That has been a no no for me, even before I got married. That’s not even it. I’ve never acted nude and I’ve never been in support of acting nude. Of course you could take off some clothes but not to the extent of going totally nude. It is not in our culture to go nude. If I try that, my mother in the village would react. She will say the people in the village have followed me to the town. So it’s not in our culture.”

The 30 Days actress also talked about currently working on two new projects. She disclosed that she was currently shooting something with Nollywood producer Emem Isong as well as with Rock Studios.

On the issue of piracy and its attendant problems in Nollywood, she said:

“That issue is a disease that we have to be looking for the cure every year, or every minute or every second. It’s something that can’t be cured. That’s the truth. Even Hollywood has pirates. It’s just that our own just don’t want us to make money when we produce our films.

“I think there’s a whole lot in the portal at the moment because now we can take our movies to the cinemas, which is a way not to get them to get CDs on time. So when it gets to the cinemas and it goes online, and then it takes a while before it comes on DVD, you must have made a bit of your money.

“But as time goes on I think they will find other remedies to fight piracy because it’s just like stealing. For somebody who steals, it would take the grace of God for that person to actually stop stealing. For us, it’s really affecting us. Because of them, we can’t really put our movies out in the market properly. We have to put them out in bits.”

On the new year and her plans she said, though things kind of started slowly, she hopes the Buhari-led administration has brought a true policy of change even as she expects the authorities to hasten up with campaign promises.

She said: “2016 started slow. The Buhari economics is affecting everybody and we are hoping that the change has come to stay and it will get better. We are in the third month of the year, so we still have a long way to go. We are hoping that as time goes on, things would turn around for good.

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“They should hasten up all the promises they’ve given the people because they promised change. I know the government is doing its best but they should try harder.”

She also believes the onus is on movie practitioners in Nigeria to put out enough materials that occupy the audience otherwise the crave for foreign TV series like Telemundo will continue to increase.

She said: “I think we need to do more of awareness for our own. Those days, we didn’t use to watch TV series but nowadays, they are coming up and we are into it. The two jobs I’m working on are TV series. Losing Control is a TV series, Husbands of Lagos too. And they are very interesting. There are other people too producing TV series, so if we have lots of content coming out, people will want to watch. It is because we don’t have much doing in that regard that people watch Telemundo and stuff like that.”

Susan Peters is from the Idoma part of Benue and had quite an ‘itinerant’ childhood in the sense that her father was an officer of the Nigerian military and so the family had to live in various parts of the country on many occasions.

Other than acting, the 35-year-old is also involved in modeling and entrepreneurial activities.

On Saturday, October 10 2015, Susan Peters and her Dutch lover Koen Croon had a court wedding at the Ikoyi Registry and the ceremony was attended by her close associates Desmond Elliot, Rita Dominic and more.

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