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Looks Like Zara Stole Their Latest Sock Design From A Local Brand [Images]

Posted by on Apr 24, 2018 in Business, Fashion, South Africa | 0 comments

It’s never a good look when musicians are accused of nicking their beats (Lana del Rey and Radiohead comes to mind), and the same...

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OLAMIDE AGUNLOYE: I’m obsessed with designing space and bodies

Posted by on Apr 22, 2018 in Fashion | 0 comments

Olamide Agunloye is the CEO of Iconola. She is a designer who is passionate about making others look good. In this interview with Yetunde...

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The Kardashian Sisters Close Down All DASH Stores Permanently

Posted by on Apr 20, 2018 in Business, Fashion | 0 comments

The Kardashian sisters; Kim, Khloe and Kourtney are no longer business partners in the DASH business. The sisters who jointly owned and...

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US-Based African Fashion Online Store, Set to Launch

Posted by on Apr 19, 2018 in Africa, Fashion | 0 comments

Orhue is an African Fashion Online store that provides the opportunity for designers, fashion lovers, stylists, artists, fashion project...

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A Short Explanation Of Why All The Girls At Coachella Dress The Same

Posted by on Apr 19, 2018 in Fashion | 0 comments

Say Rocking the Daisies and Coachella happened to land on the same weekend. Then imagine that, during said weekend, while stumbling your...

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